Many millionaires started with crazy ideas

Las Vegas was once a barren desert. Living conditions were deplorable, to say the least. Someone had the craziest idea in history – To build a city in the middle of a place where civilized people were afraid to go. There is no way to estimate the amount of money taken in each day in the city that was once the craziest idea ever thought of by a human being.


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Will buying name brand products save you money in the long run?

name-brand-productsWhether or not this is true depends on the kind of purchase you are making. To simplify this, there are two kinds of purchases. The first is major purchases, or those you don’t make everyday. A house, car, boat, or motorcycle all come within this category. Then, there are the common, everyday purchases. [ Read the whole story . . . ]

On this day, April 24, things have been pretty dull


Not very much happened on this day, April 24. At least, not very much exciting happened, unless you’re into the stock market, or slap stick comedy. [ Read the whole story . . . ]

On this day, April 23 – The Internet reached 2 milestones

youtubeDid you know that on today, April 23, two major milestones were achieve in the cyber world?

Two internet milestones that changed entertainment forever

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How to tell a pretty, sweet girl she’s overweight

overweightI received an email from someone who had this problem several years ago. Please, don’t do what he did. [ Read the whole story . . . ]

11 worst ways to piss off your boss that will eat at him


Before you read this, spell BOSS backwards

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29 signs that will prove you are intelligent

The first sign of intelligence is to Follow Directions

intelligentIf someone wants you to do something for them, and you agree, find out exactly what they want you to do. Have them explain it, step-by-step if possible, so there will be no miscommunication. Then, follow those directions precisely.

If you have the drive to accomplish something special for yourself, set up your own directions by developing a detailed plan. Write it down. Then, follow that plan exactly as you have laid it out.

Never do or start anything without planning. This way, you know what you are going to do, and how you are going to do it.




28 signs of intelligence

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