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12 excuses a woman gives for not wanting to have sex

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3 New Events for the Summer
Olympic Games would make
them very interesting and
increase NBC's ratings

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Is the feud between
Bob Barker and Adam
Sandler still going on?

Heaven is just like Life as we now know it.
But there are 3 differences, and they are

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As an Italian like myself would say:
"It wasn’t personal. Jaws was just looking for some Mangiare."


The Top 12 Most
Beautiful Women
of All Time

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Susan Oliver

12. Susan Oliver

Beautiful but very mysterious actress
kept audiences fascinated for 3
decades, with her high cheekbones
and her beautiful blue eyes.

Yvonne De Carlo

11. Yvonne De Carlo

You may remember this beautiful lady
as Lilly Munster, from the TV hit show of
the 60's, The Munsters. There, she was
Fred Gwynne's wife, or, the Bride of
Frankenstein. But before this series, she
was a dramatic screen star during the
Golden Age of Hollywood.

Mamie Van Doren

10. Mamie Van Doren

Known as the "Girl Who Invented Rock and
Roll", this beautiful sex symbol was one of
the first actresses to recreate the look of
Marilyn Monroe.

Ashley Judd

9. Ashley Judd

This beautiful actress is also a big fan of the
Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, Her
films include, Ruby in Paradise,
Double Jeopardy, Divine Secrets of the
Ya Ya Sisterhood, and De-Lovely. She is
married to Dario Franchitti, 2 time Indy 500

Joan Collins

8. Joan Collins

This beautiful lady, known as Alexis on the
night time soap opera, Dynasty, was the
most vicious female villain in the history of
night time TV. The more ruthless she
was, the more people loved her.
What a doll!

Ursula Andress

7. Ursula Andress

This very lovely lady was, in fact, the
first "Bond Girl". She is best known for
the role of Honey Ryder in the very
first James Bond movie, Dr. No, which
was released in 1962.

Julie Christie

6. Julie Christie

Al Pacino referred to her as "the most
poetic of all actresses. This beautiful lady
has won the Academy, Golden Globe, BAFTA,
and Screen Actors Guild Awards

Sela Ward

5. Sela Ward

Although this very beautiful lady is best
known for the role of Harrison Ford's wife
in the movie, The Fugitive, she has made
a name for herself on the small screen,
starring in a number of TV movies and

Jaclyn Smith

4. Jaclyn Smith

Known as Kelly Garrett, one of the
original three from Charlie’s Angels,
she was the only angel who remained
with the show for the entire series.
This lovely angel also became quite
the business woman.

Raquel Welch

3. Raquel Welch

There will never be too many compliments
about this very beautiful lady. For years,
she has been the standard for beautiful

Lara Parker

2. Lara Parker

This very beautiful lady was the original
Angelique, the witch on the daytime
Soap Opera, Dark Shadows, who turned
Barnabas Collins into a vampire. The more
evil she became, the more lovable she was. When she died on the show, many viewers
wrote ABC and complained. But on
Dark Shadows, many died and came back
to life.


1. Kim Novak

She has been called "the most beautiful
woman who ever was". She may not have
been the most well-known actress, but
that doesn't matter. Whoever said this
about her was telling the truth. She is
the most beautiful woman who ever was.


Out of coincidence, Muhammad Ali made history today

Something bad happened to the Champ on this day

Muhammad Ali [ Read the whole story . . . ]

12 excuses a woman gives for not wanting to have sex

You will never hear a woman say, “I don’t find you attractive”, “I don’t want you”, or the truth, “I’m just not in the mood”. If she does not want to have sex, she can think of over 100 excuses.
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Dial 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and Now, 3 for French

English no longer the only language of the United States


More people speak Spanish and French than English

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Wrestling restored to Summer Olympic Games – 2 Sports to add

Summer Olympic GamesIn February, 2013 one of the oldest sports in the Summer Olympic Games was dropped. Wrestling has been an Olympic fixture since 708 BC.

After catching a lot of hell, the International Olympic Committee restored Wrestling to the Olympics in September of the same year.

Why drop Wrestling in the first place? Most people rather watch Wrestling than Ping Pong.

If the International Olympic Committee, and NBC really wanted to increase their ratings, 3 new events should be added to the Olympics in Rio, 2016. [ Read the whole story . . . ]

Sex for the elderly – Sex after 70

sexContrary to what most people believe, a person’s sex drive does not decrease until age 75.

People over 75 still want it. But there’s a problem staying focused. Over 75 also causes people to be health conscious. That’s why so many people have sex at the age of 75, and then , hit themselves on the head and scream,


June 18 – Pretty dull unless you like Walt Disney or baseball

fred-lynnUnless you’re a Walt Disney or Gunsmoke fan, today won’t excite you very much.

In 1961, “Gunsmoke” was broadcast for the last time on CBS radio. I didn’t even know it was ever on the radio.

In 1999, Walt Disney’s “Tarzan” opened.

On yes, if you’re a baseball fan, something exciting did happen in 1975. Fred Lynn of the Boston Red Sox hit three home runs, a triple and a single in a game against the Detroit Tigers. Too bad he didn’t hit a double. He would have batted for the cycle. A year later, he made an Aqua Velva commercial, in which two women called him into the stands. Do they still make Aqua Velva?

Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore, but on one condition

Bob Barker and Adam Sandler, not exactly friends
Bob Barker

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