A Message From Charlie – Owner of Merjeo

charlie-imageHello, my friends.

I created Merjeo a little over a year ago, and have loved every minute of it.

I love to send funny stuff to my family and friends. After a while, that got to be too much. Instead of sending funny videos, articles, and what not to over a hundred people every day, I decided to post them to one web site, so everyone can see them. And here it is – Merjeo.

By the way, here is a picture of me on the right. This is not exactly the way I look, but I had to do something to make my identity a little mysterious.

Purpose of Merjeo

What I have been trying to do is make Merjeo a place where people can go and read about some interesting and funny stuff. It is sort of a way to just get away from it all, prop your feet up and just relax for a while.

I like posting stuff that others would like to post, but do not have the time, patience or the nerve to post.

History of Merjeo

Even though Merjeo is a little over a year old, there is some history to it. In fact, this is how I came up with the name.

About ten years ago, I was running a successful business. I eventually left the business because I wanted to explore other avenues. One of my clients was another business owner. He and I would spend hours talking to each other about coming up with unusual, but promising ideas. The problem was, we never followed through with any. There was one idea that stuck with me, and one that I was not going to let go to waste. The idea was, a night club for teens. What we had in mind was a real night club that operated like a regular night club in every way except one, which was, not serving alcohol. Well, we kicked around a thousand names and finally came up with one – Mergeo’s. The original spelling was with a “g”, but I like it better with a “j”. Another idea we had about our teen night club was to have the palm trees as the logo. My client wanted a silhouette of a boy and girl. Well, I went to work on designing a logo for Mergeo’s. And to no surprise, like many of our other ideas, this one just died. But the name, Mergeo’s stuck with me for the next eight years. I was determined to do something with it, because this was too good a name to just toss away.

Well, what you see now is the beginning of what I want to do with Merjeo. I am now ready to move ahead with it at full speed.

Response to Merjeo

I have been contacted by many people who have seen Merjeo. Many of these have been friends. Also, a good many of them have been professional marketing people who love to express their opinions. And every opinion is important. Every one who has contacted me has said that Merjeo is unique, and like no other site they have ever seen. To a certain extent, this is true. If there is something to put on a website, and you don’t know where to put it, it will always fit on Merjeo.

Our New Product Launch

Usually when you hear that there is going to be a new product launch, your first reaction is, “Oh no! Here it comes!”

First, I will give you an estimate of the launch date. This is the best I can do for now. Then, I will tell you the product that is to be launched.

The launch date will be within the next two months. And don’t worry. This is not going to be a product on how to get rich quick. It has nothing to do with making money. It is not a digital product – one that you have to download. It is a physical product. It is one you can see, touch, feel, hold in your hand and even wear. It is something that many people have requested.

Now that you know the approximate launch date, I will tell you the product that is to be launched. Many people who have visited Merjeo become fascinated with the name and the logo. They seem to like the palm trees and the setting sun. Believe me, this was no easy task. It took me over a year to design this logo. The first logo I designed would have looked better on a soft drink bottle. I would show it to you,l but Merjeo is funny enough. I finally came up with the present logo, but not until I got the approval of my closest adviser, who happens to be my little sister. Many people have asked me if I can put it on a T-shirt. And this is exactly what I intend to do.


The Merjeo T-shirts will be available soon. Let me give you a little pre-launch scoop. These will not be Fruit of the Loom, Hanes or Jerzee T-shirts with the Merjeo logo on them. They will be genuine Merjeo T-shirts, made by Merjeo. It is also my intention to have the logo stitched on, rather than ironed on. No question, these will be quality T-shirts.

paul-harveyWe don’t know what the response will be to these T-shirts. We can tell you, however, that if successful, you will see Merjeo hats, sport shirts and handbags in the future.

Nothing would thrill me more than seeing Tiger Woods’ or Rory McIlroy’s caddies on TV carrying their clubs in a Merjeo golf bag. That day is coming.

In a few days, you will see a picture of how these T-shirts will look. Come back. You will not want to miss this.

So, now you know the whole story, or as the late, great, Paul Harvey would say, “The Rest of the Story.”

Summer is the Time to Have FUN in the SUN

There’s Nothing Like a Fun Day at the Beach


This is the Summer Time. It is the time to go to the beach, have Fun in the Sun, Relax, and just Forget your Worries Cares and Troubles.

Get away from Time Clocks, Computers, Schedules, Appointments and Anything having to do with WORK.

The Whole Point is to just Relax and Enjoy Yourself.

I Can’t Stand to Take a Bath


Don’t get me wrong. I am very clean. The reason I can’t stand to take a bath is because I want to stay clean.

I love taking a shower. It is so refreshing. I feel so clean when I get out. The dirty water just goes down the drain. When you take a bath, the dirty water stays in the bath tub. That’s no good. It’s defeating the purpose. If I take a bath, I feel dirtier when I come out of the bath tub than I did when I went in.

There is one particular reason why I hate to take a bath. It’s very simple.

I refuse to wash my face with the same water that my ass is in.

Problem With Buying a Computer Not in One Piece


If you ever purchase a computer directly from Dell Computers, make sure it is a laptop. At least this comes all in one piece.

The last time I purchased a computer from Dell, it was shipped very fast. I got it two days later. Can’t complain. However, I only got the computer. I did not get the monitor until three weeks later.

Now, I ask, What Good is a Computer Without the Monitor?

Why Lawyers are Wishy Washy

Why the Legal System is so Screwed Up


It is because most of the lawyers are wishy washy. I guess you could say they have an ego that gets in the way.

NO, that’s not the reason. Face it! All you can say is that they’re just plain stupid.

If you have a lawyer, you have to pay him a large sum of money for his expert advice. You want to do something, but you don’t know if it is legal. As an example, let’s use something simple. Suppose you want to post a picture of two horses making love on Facebook, but don’t know if it is legal.

Then, you want to get your money’s worth, so you call your lawyer and ask, “Is is illegal to post a picture of two horses making love on Facebook?” His answer will be, “I’m not sure about that. Just to play it safe, you shouldn’t do it.”

You’re no better off than you were before, with one exception – YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY HIM.


City of Hoover, Alabama is Getting Greedy

The Hoover Police Department, in Hoover, Alabama has given out 589 warnings and 334 citations since June 30. This is the result of a fatal 3 car traffic accident on June 27 that claimed the life or one person.  Hoover claims that their main message is, “We’re trying to save lives.” This is Bull Shit. The fatality was just an excuse to do this, as if they needed one. The real reason they are doing this is, THEY NEED MONEY.

Dial 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and Now, 3 for French

I thought the language in the United States was English.


This English, Spanish and NOW French stuff is getting out of hand.

I called my bank today and, as usual, I had to listen to a machine. There were 3 recorded messages.

The first message said “Dial 1 for English”.

The second message was in Spanish. I recognize Spanish when I hear it.

The third message was in another foreign language. I’m pretty sure it was in French.

I don’t know if there was a fourth message. After the message in French, I just said, “The HELL with it!” and just hung up.


Donald Sterling Bashed Magic Johnson. Did Magic Deserve This?

This Involves Donald Sterling, but Not About Race

This has to do with right and wrong. Everything that follows is strictly one person’s opinion.

Even though this involves Donald Sterling, it is not the purpose here to bring up a racial issue. This has nothing to do with race. This has to do with something else – Someone whining, bitching and complaining when they don’t get their way.

Speaking of Magic Johnson, Donald Sterling said, “I just don’t think he’s a good example for the children of Los Angeles.”

Was this a true statement. In this writer’s opinion, it was very true. I’m glad someone finally had the guts to say this about Magic.

Someone has needed to say this for a long time – since November 20, 1981 to be exact.

Before labeling Donald Sterling as the “bad guy” and Magic Johnson as the “good guy”, get your facts in order.


Donald Sterling – Former Clippers’ Owner

What Magic Wants, Magic Gets

Think back to that mysterious date above, November 20, 1981. One of the best coaches ever in the Lakers organization was Paul Westhead. But even the best coaches cannot compete with a so-called superstar. Westhead and Magic Johnson had a disagreement. The Lakers were winning, but Magic was not happy. Instead of resolving the situation, Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss fired Westhead, and named assistant Coach, Pat Riley as the Lakers’ head coach. This proves a point – What Magic Wants, Magic Gets.

I suppose Pat Riley should be thankful to Magic for the success he has achieved in the NBA over the years.

Just to clarify that this is not a racial issue, there was another superstar, in another sport. Carl Yastrzemski, formerly with the Boston Red Sox, had a reputation for getting managers fired.

Maybe some people believe that children should be taught to whine, bitch and complain when they don’t get their way. Not me. This is not the way we were taught.

The example Magic sets for the kids is like playing basketball in someone’s driveway, bringing the ball, and when there’s a disagreement, taking your ball and going home. Now, I ask, are these good examples for the children of Los Angeles, or for that matter, for the children everywhere? I’ll let you form your own opinion.


Sorry Magic. In my opinion, you were wrong my friend. I liked you as a basketball player when you came out of Michigan State and signed with the Lakers. However, that all changed on that faithful date. Paul Westhead was a good man and a good coach. He did not deserve what he got from you.

LOVE – What is the True Meaning? You Will Be Surprised.

Several months ago, I finally realized the true meaning of LOVE.

I not only know the real meaning of love. I put this into practice a lot. In fact, I do this much more that I would like to.


These are the two guys who have taught me the real meaning of love.

Love means cleaning up DOG DOO, and not bitching about it.

Easter Week – Who Is The Jerk Who Screwed Up This Week?

Every year, this week, the week before Easter, is the most stressful week of the year. For those who are on a strict work schedule, the week is just about a total loss. If you have anything planned for this week, you might as well change it. Too many people will be tied to other engagements. It was no accident that this week was ruined for many people.

Who Ruined the Week Before Easter?

Was it Pontius Pilate?

easterEvery year, I ask this same question. Originally, I thought it was that ruthless bastard, Pontius Pilate, who ruined this week. But all this guy did was his job. He did not have to do any leg work. Somebody else did it for him. This lazy prosecutor, like so many, had all of the facts handed over to him on a silver platter. Everything was after the fact. All he had to do was make a decision based on what he was told. Like so many attorneys and legal counselors, he did not have to think. I wonder if he even knew how to think.


Was it Judas Iscariot?


Then, I started to think about the guy who really destroyed this week. It was that no count snitch, Judas Iscariot. But then, I started thinking about this some more. In a way, Judas was a business man. He loved money. Like so many ruthless business men today, he was willing to sell out his best friend. Therefore, he saw a way to make a few quick bucks.

After thinking about this even more, I finally came up with another guy who could be the one who screwed up this week.

Was it King Herod.


That sorry bastard was not going to rest until all of the oldest boys in every family were put to death. What did King Herod have against boys? Did they ever do anything to him?

Perhaps this is why a few perverted Catholic Priests like little boys so much. This may be their way of rebelling against King Herod.

Next year, I may have a different opinion as to who screwed up this week. For now, the culprit is King Herod. He started the whole thing.

Are the Owners of Amys Baking Company the Crazy Ones? I Don’t Think So

amys-baking-companyOn the Fox network last night was the highly anticipated return of Amys Baking Company & Bistro. Like millions, I watched Kitchen Nightmares, which featured the return of Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, the fire-ball couple who Gordon Ramsey walked out on at the end of last season. Millions of people developed a hatred for the couple, and their restaurant. I was not one of them. But I have to admit that their restaurant certainly has its share of drama. After watching the show, I have to sympathize with Samy and Amy. This is a classic case of the following saying:

There are three sides to every story, YOUR SIDE, MY SIDE, and THE RIGHT SIDE.

Amy and Samy may not be totally right. They may not be totally wrong. But that Chef is not exactly Squeaky Clean.

Is “Hate” Campaign Against Amys Baking Company Justified?

Ever since Amys Baking Company was first introduced on  Kitchen Nightmares last season, the country has launched a National “Hate” campaign against Samy and Amy. Why, I ask? It’s no one’s damn business what they do. Most of the hate posts they have received are from people who have never met them, or have never been to Scottsdale, AZ. Who are those people to judge Samy and Amy Bouzaglo?”

Are Samy and Amy the bad guys here? Consider the famous Chef, Gordon Ramsey. This guy may be considered one of the world’s best celebrity chefs by many people. However, Gordon Ramsey is not the only renown chef out there. What about Robert Irvine, host of TV Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible? Mr. Irvine does basically the same thing as Mr. Ramsey. He goes out and tries to save restaurants that are in distress. The difference is, Robert Irvine does it in a tactful way. He knows how to talk to people without insulting them. I don’t think Mr. Irvine would say to an owner, “This dish looks like something that came out of a baby’s diaper”, or, “This tastes like s__t!”

amys-baking-companyGordon Ramsey may be considered by many to be the best at what he does. However, it’s my opinion that he is not entirely right in the way he does it. Amy and Samy proved this point. The man curses like a sailor boy, and he talks to people like they are dogs. Samy and Amy were not going to tolerate this, and I commend them for standing up to the Chef, and holding their positions. The best food network, which is the TV Food Network has never had Ramsey featured on any show. I have always wondered about this, until recently. Now, it all seems very clear. Apparently, they want nothing to do with him.

If this restaurant needs saving, which I doubt, I believe Robert Irvine could save it. He has a gentle, but firm way of dealing with people. He could probably communicate with Samy and Amy.

I don’t live near Scottsdale, AZ. If I did, I would have dinner at Amys Baking Company. So would all the hypocrite bloggers in the Country who have been posting disgusting material about the restaurant. In fact, I think I would enjoy the food there. Some restaurants are better than others. I can’t ever remember eating at a restaurant where the food was totally bad. If this were the case, the local health department would probably order the restaurant to close down. I find it hard to believe the food at Amy’s is as bad a people say it is. Remember, the people who are evaluating the restaurant are prejudice.

If I could speak to Samy and Amy, this is what i would say to them:

“Guys, you are sitting on a gold mine. You are getting millions of dollars in free publicity. Your restaurant is the most famous restaurant in the country. Everyone wants to eat there. Take advantage of it. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!”


First Game Played in Coors Field, March 31, 1995


On this day in history, in 1995, the very first baseball game was played in the brand new Coors Field in Colorado. The Colorado Rockies defeated the New York Yankees by the score of 4 to 1.

After the game, an idiot tried to toy with my mind by asking me the following question, “What kind of beer do they sell in Coors Field?” I ignored him the first time. He asked the question again. I decided to answer a stupid question with a stupid answer, and at the same time, throw it right back at him.

I said to him, “They sell Busch Beer in Coors Field. Now, I want to ask you something. What kind of beer do they sell in Busch Stadium?”

This ended the conversation, and he walked away whining, exposing himself as a first class moron.

Crazy People Can Make You Think You Are Crazy

crazy-peopleRecently, I have been struggling with kind of an identity crisis. For the last three months, I have been afraid that I have turned into a crazy person. Then, it suddenly dawned on me. I have been hanging around some crazy people.

When you hang around crazy people, they try to make you think you are crazy too.

The Unforgetable Person – Love Will Find a Way

Love Takes All Forms

I’m sure everyone has heard of the legendary football coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi. One of Coach Lombardi’s all time greatest players was a defensive back by the name of Herb Adderley. Mr. Adderley was such a great player, that ESPN named him as one of the four greatest defensive backs that ever played. The other three were, Detroit’s Dick “Night Train” Lane, 49ers’ Ronnie Lott, and Larry Wilson of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Herb Adderley was a great football player. What was even greater was his obvious devotion to his Coach, Vince Lombardi. In fact, not very long ago, Mr. Adderley made a statement that He Thinks of Vince Lombardi Every Day, but He Does Not Think of his Father Everyday.

I can certainly understand where Mr. Adderley is coming from. It is a very good feeling to have known someone who had such an impact on a life. I can relate to the way Mr. Adderley feels, because I was fortunate to have, not one, but two people who made an impact on my life.

My Father passed away nine years ago. However, I do not think of him everyday. I have lost two other special people in my life. Thirty years ago, my Grandfather, affectionately known as, Pop, died suddenly. Almost four years ago, I lost my wife, Karen to lung cancer. I don’t think of my Father everyday. In fact, I really don’t think of him as often as I should. I do however think of Pop and Karen everyday.

Let the Dead Rest ????

This is not always the right thing to do. Sometimes this is true. Other times, it is not true.

Most people believe you should not talk about the dead. This is half true. If someone was not a very good person, then they should not be talked about after they are dead. If someone, like Pop and Karen, was a good person, and brought happiness to everyone around them, then they should be talked about. Saying good things about someone who has departed is a way to keep their pleasant memories alive. I talk about Pop and Karen to my mother all the time, and she loves every minute of it.

People should not say bad things about the dead,


People should say good things about the dead.



Love Makes Losing Someone More Bearable

Rather than grieve for someone you love who has passed on, try thinking of the good times you had with them. Have you ever heard the expression, “Love Will Find a Way?” Just keep honoring the memory of someone who meant a lot to you in life. If this expression is true, you will eventually see them again.

What Happened to Judge Joe Brown?


Every so often, I will watch a little TV in the middle of the day. I am usually tuned in to Fox 6, the Fox affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama. This is my favorite station. The reporters for Fox 6 are very professional, and probably some of the best in the country. I like some of the shows on Fox, especially Judge Judy.

Today, I was watching Divorce Court around 2:00 PM, and I said to myself, “This does not excite me. There has to be something better. I wonder what comes on next.” Then, I suddenly remembered something. At 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM, I used to watch Judge Joe Brown. Then, it suddenly dawned on me that I have not seen Joe Brown on TV for a while. Then, I asked myself, “Whatever happened to Judge Joe Brown?”

It did not take long for my question to be answered. While browsing the internet this evening, I accidentally stumbled across an article about the distinguished Judge – or I should say, the distinguished former Judge.

Judge Joe Brown is in Jail.

People Don’t Want to Talk to You – Is This Good Business?

businessEarlier today, I was browsing the internet. I needed to have something repaired that I purchased about 15 years ago.

I stumbled across five websites that could handle this for me. Four of the websites had no link where I could contact them. The other had a link that took me over five minutes to find. When I finally found it, I was directed to a page that had nothing to do with contacting the Company.

Is This Good Business?

It seems like the bigger a business becomes, the less they want to talk to you. Lately, I have been running into the same problem when trying to deal with a small business. Perhaps the small businesses are trying to duplicate what the successful and much larger businesses are doing, which is:

Refusing to Talk to Anyone

Technology is Great, but So Were the Old Days

technologyMany young people today do not remember life before there was little technology.

The Telephone Over the Years

In the old days, there were no smart phones. Today, everyone in the family has a smart phone. This means that each family has at least 3, 4, 5 and possibly 6 telephone numbers.

Not very long ago, each family had only one phone, and one telephone number. Back then, if you called someone, you could always reach them.

Today, if you call someone, you will get a voice recorded message. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that, the more telephones a family has, the easier it will be to reach someone? You would think so.

I guess you can conclude that technology has been great for equipment. It has not been so great for the people using the equipment.

Happy Birthday Internet, aka, WORLD WIDE WEB

internetHappy Birthday, Internet. You Are 25 Years Old Today

I want to take this opportunity to wish a very happy birthday to the greatest guy in the area of technology. His name is


Just think about it. 25 years ago today, certain terminology had a different meaning from what it has today.

  • A guy by the name of Craig and a girl named Angie actually had hand-written lists.
  • The word, ghost, was a noun, and referred to someone coming back from the dead. Now, ghost is a verb, meaning that your ad will not be posted, and you have been double-crossed.
  • A web was something you would find in your house if you didn’t clean it regular.
  • When you heard the terms, http, html, url, and xml, you may have thought they were small colleges that found a way to get into the NCAA Basketball tournament.
  • People thought blog was a temporary ailment, similar to the gout.
  • Spam was only something that could be purchased in a supermarket. It was in a can, and loaded with fat and cholesterol.
  • A bookmark was an IBM card that you placed in a book so you would not lose your place.
  • Social Media was simply hanging around the local Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, etc. Some may have thought of it as a disease.
  • A tag was only something that the law required you to put on your car once a year.
  • Cookie was only a small, crunchy, delicious snack treat.
  • Yahoo meant that you were excited about something.
  • Java was a tune made famous by the legendary trumpet player, Al Hirt.
  • Password was a TV game show hosted by the late, great Allen Ludden.


  • Ping was mostly known for their golf clubs.
  • A server was only someone who brought food to your table.
  • People contacted viruses, not machines.
  • People who did a lot of research had to drive back and forth to the library. Now, the library is all but obsolete.
  • Facebook could have been a number of things. It could have been a book for women on how to apply makeup in different ways. It could also have been a book on how to make hundreds of funny faces.
  • Amazon was only a river in South America.
  • Words like Google, Fark, Twitter and Wiki did not exist. If your were caught saying these words, someone would have thought you were trying to re-invent the English language, and they would have had you put is a straight jacket.
  • CPA was the guy who did your taxes every year. Now, it means Cost Per Action.
  • Internet was associated with fishing. Of course, this may still be true today.

Happy Birthday WORLD WIDE WEB.

Rachel Canning Sueing Parents For Tuition

This lawsuit has some National TV personalities outraged. People like Matt Lauer, Gayle King and Nancy Grace seem to be taking sides with the parents.

I can understand why the parents feel they don’t have to pay for Rachel Canning’s college tuition. But the high school tuition is a different matter. If she attended a Catholic High School, chances are, the choice of this school was that of the parents. I can speak from personal experience.

I attended a Catholic High School. Years ago, when I was about to attend high school, my parents make the school I would attend very clear to me. I had no choice. I was not happy with their choice, but had to make the best of it. I’m not saying that Rachel Canning’s parents made this choice for her, but I would be surprised otherwise.

Parents and Kids Owe Each Other

This is true. The kids owe the parents respect. But this is not a respect issue. This issue is about money. Rachel Canning claims that her parents threw her out of the house when she was 18, and the parents deny it. Whether this is true or not, this case is not about respect. It is about basic necessities, and parents providing for their children.

On the other side, parents own their children the basic necessities in life. High school is a basic necessity, especially if the parents decide where the kid is going to attend high school.

Children own their parents respect. Parents owe their children everything else. After all, children do not ask to come into this world. The parents make this decision. When making a decision like this, to bring a child into the world, the parents should follow through.

If parents don’t think they are getting the respect they should be getting, they should deal with it in private, not in a courtroom.

Is Biker, Edwin Mieses, Telling the Truth?

Ten Bikers Could Get 25 Years

A gang of bikes terrorized a family in a Range Rover on a New York City highway. Edwin Mieses was with them. He also claimed that he was not part of the brutal plot to terrorize the family.

Edwin Mieses was run over by the driver of the Range Rover. The driver was, no doubt, trying to protect himself and his family. This left Mieses paralyzed, and in question as to whether or not he will ever walk again. Ten bikers may face 25 years in prison. The driver of the SUV has not been arrested. Is it against the law to protect yourself?

Was Edwin Mieses Telling the Truth?

When Mieses heard about the ride, he went to join them, and then the incident occurred. Now that the incident is over, and Mieses is left in pretty bad shape, he claims he had nothing to do with the incident. But, he was with them. Does this account for anything?

Maybe he was not part of the incident, as he claims. But he was with them. Could he have stopped it before it happened? Who knows? I just can’t see him getting off with just a slap on the wrist, although this would be a moral victory for Mieses and his famed attorney, Gloria Allred.

I can understand exactly why Mieses is claiming his innocence. If you ever visit a prison, and talk to 50 inmates, 49 will tell you they are innocent.