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Super Bowl fixes from the past – The shocking truth

Super Bowl 50 was anything but a fixed game. The Denver Bronco’s man-handled the Carolina Panthers. But what about past Super Bowls? I can think of four that may have been fixed games, three of which I’m not sure, and one of which I’d almost bet the farm.


Super Bowl, the most bet on event of the year

More money is bet on the Super Bowl than any other sporting event. Could a Super Bowl be fixed? You tell me.

Super Bowl III, the most crooked game in football history

When the New York Jets of the lowly American Football League defeated the mighty Baltimore Colts of the National Football League by the score of 16 to 7 on January 12, 1969, the football world was shocked. Had the Colts won this game, the NFL and the Super Bowl, as we know them, would not exist. The Jets reigning victorious in this game was the biggest conspiracy, and the biggest boost in the history of American business.

Colts Owner, Caroll Rosenbloom

According to an interview with former Colts defensive end Bubba Smith, Caroll Rosenbloom had a $3 million bet on the Jets. Rosenbloom was also one of the few NFL owners in favor of the NFL, AFL merger in 1970. A Colts victory would have killed any chance  of a merger There was a lot of money riding on Super Bowl III.

Don Shula, Colts head coach

I don’t know what Don Shula had to gain from a Jets win, other than he was doing what Carroll Rosenbloom told him to do. It was kind of funny that the Colts ran the ball down the Jets’ throat during their opening series, and suddenly changed the play calling for the rest of the game. Also strange was the fact that Shula put legendary quarterback, Johnny Unitas in the game with six minutes remaining, and he led the Colts to their only touchdown. Unitas, a man of integrity, would never have thrown a game, but Shula decided to bench him and go with back up, Earl Morrall. I’m not implying that Morrall was crooked. I do believe Unitas would have thrown a touchdown pass to a wide open receiver, Jimmy Orr, that would have tied the game at 7 before the half. Morrall threw it right in Jets’ defensive back, Jim Hudson’s hands.

Joe Namath, running his mouth before the game

joe-namathDuring the week of the game, Joe Namath spoke at the Miami Touchdown club, and guaranteed a win for the Jets, who were an 18 point underdog. The press crucified him for this. The Jets coach got all over his ass for running his big mouth. But he was able to back it up. Or, did he know something? If he did, he almost spilled the beans. Namath was no stranger to fixing games, considering he played at Alabama for the biggest fixer of all time, Paul “Bear” Bryant.


Major networks had everything to gain

If Super Bowl III was a fix, it was for millions, which changed into billions over the years. CBS was about to sign a new four year contract with the National Football League. Because of the dull style of football in the sixties, and the mis-match of the two leagues, they were starting to negotiate downward, from $750 million to $500 million. The first two Super Bowls had proven the American Football League to be inferior to the NFL. Super Bowl III changed this, and CBS eventually paid $1.5 billion.

NBC and ABC also had much to gain by the merger of the two leagues. NBC signed a TV contract with the new AFC, which mostly consisted of the teams from the old AFL. ABC negotiated a long run with “Monday Night Football”, and we all know how successful this was, and still is today on ESPN.

Had the two leagues not merged, none of this would have taken place. Because of the superiority of the NFL over the AFL, the commissioner at the time was against the merger, and was thinking about the possibility of doing away with the Super Bowl. After the unlikely win by the Jets, and the merger, teams were adjusted to allow for more parity in professional football.

If you’ve never seen Super Bowl III, you can watch the entire game, as it originally aired, on YouTube.

Other possible Super Bowl fixes

Super-Bowl-XXIIISuper Bowl XXIII  I remember watching Super Bowl 23 very closely, when the San Francisco 49’ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 20 to 16, on Joe Montana’s touchdown pass to receiver John Taylor with 39 seconds left. What I found odd about this game was that the 49’ers sat on the ball when they were leading, which was a good portion of the game. When the Bengals went ahead, the 49’ers always answered back with a score. I followed the 49’ers very closely during their glory days. What was strange was, every time they were the home team, they often won the game, but didn’t beat the point spread. On the road, they almost always beat the point spread. Call it a coincidence, but if you had bet against them at home,, and for them on the road, you’d be in pretty good financial shape today. Funny, but in Super Bowl 23, the 49’ers were the home team, since they wore the red jerseys.

Super-Bowl-XXXSuper Bowl XXX  I remember Super Bowl 30 very well, especially Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Neil O’Donnell. There were two plays that made the difference in this game. Without them, the Steelers win easily. O’Donnell threw two interceptions to Dallas Cowboys’ defensive back, Larry Brown. When I saw the second interception, I honestly thought it was a replay of the first interception. On both plays, there was no Steeler receiver in sight. O’Donnell threw the ball right into Brown’s hands. Both interceptions were returned deep in Pittsburgh territory. Dallas beat Pittsburgh, 27 to 17.



Super-Bowl-XXXVISuper Bowl XXXVI  If the fix was on in Super Bowl 36, I don’t see how it could have been just about money. Played in 2002, shortly after the 911 attack on the World Trade Center, the New England Patriots beat the St. Louis Rams, 20 to 17. This was the second most shocking upset in Super Bowl history, next to Super Bowl III. Before the game, no one had ever heard of Tom Brady. For some strange reason, it seemed like everyone wanted the Patriots to beat a much better team, to commemorate 911. I remember hearing this the week before the game constantly from the media.

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What’s better? Being loyal to someone or being a snitch?

Being a Snitch

E-mail to Merjeo on Being a Snitch

Dear Merjeo,

About ten years ago, I was in the business of providing financial planning services. I had a business partner. He was not only my partner, He was my friend, at least I thought. He decided from the beginning that he wanted me to handle the money, and sign the checks. He wanted nothing to do with it, although his name was on a signature card at the bank in case of an emergency. One day, he took some money from a trust account used to pay Federal Taxes for clients. When I found out about it, I told him to put it back immediately, or I would turn him in to the US Treasury Department. He put it back, and we went on with our business. He had a big mouth, and because of this, was eventually turned in to the US Treasury Department by one of our clients. The end result was, he served three years in Federal Prison for taking the money, and I served eight months because I was his partner and didn’t turn him in. The irony is, I was punished because I didn’t do anything. Since then, my life has never been the same, and I have struggled to get back the life I once enjoyed. Did I do the right thing by being loyal to him, or should I have been a snitch?

Yours truly,

Disgruntled Partner

Merjeo’s responsse on Being a Snitch

Dear Disgruntled Partner,

It’s not good to be a snitch. It’s good to be loyal to someone. But having common sense is better than both put together. I understand that people tend to avoid you if you’re a snitch. But in this situation, you should have snitched on this thief. Any repercussions you would have had would have been short lived. As it is now, serving eight months in Federal Prison was not your only punishment. You are still being punished for this today, obviously. This is what you should have done: First, leave him immediately and take your clients with you. Second, turn him in to the US Treasury Department and help them prosecute him. You would have been out of this, free and clear. Finally, move on with your life. Even if you had regretted turning him in, you would have forgotten about it in less than a year. Of course, hind site is 20 20. You can’t change it now. There is one way you can get your revenge on him for what he did – Move on with your life and live as well as you possibly can.

I hope this was a help to you,

Yours truly,

Charlie c/o Merjeo



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Worst disaster in history – Obama won’t finish second term

Worst disaster in history is coming to the human race

Worst Disaster in HistoryPrepare for the worst disaster in history. The leaders of the world know it’s coming. President Obama, Pope Francis and the other leaders of the world have a secret pact. They all know what is about to happen that will be the end of civilization as we now know it.

The next ISIS attack is being targeted towards Washington DC. Pope Francis confirms that we are at the beginning of World War 3. This shocking video foretells a very sinister future for the US and the rest of the world. From this moment on, prepare for the worst disaster in history, and the most feared impact on the human race..

Watch this shocking video. It tells the whole story.

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For all people who bitch because they don’t have money to do the things they want to do


Did you know the average American spends $15 a day eating out? This is about $450 a month. Increase this to $600 to $750 if you have drinks with your meals. In a year, this will add up to between $5,400 to $9,000.

Why people don’t have enough money

Now the people who bitch about money know why they don’t have enough money to do the things they want to do.

They’re too damn lazy to cook.

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US Postal Service losing billions from email – Will Government stick it to us?

us-postal-serviceThe United States Post Office doesn’t have much to do these days. They’re not delivering many letters because people are sending emails instead. At least when you send an email, you know it’s going to get delivered. It may end up in the junk file, but the recipient will still get it if he looks hard enough. Can the US Postal Service make this same guarantee?

Will Email put the US Postal Service out of business?

Not a chance. The Government doesn’t go out of business. If they get in financial trouble, they just turn to their venture capitalists and sources of financing – ALL OF US! It’s called “Taxes”.

The price of stamps have just increased from 46 to 49 cents. This 3-cent hike is the largest increase in more than 10 years. But they’ll still lose billions of dollars.

What scares me is, the Government could regulate email. I can’t imagine having to pay 49 cents every time I send an email. Can they do this? Yes they can. They’re the government. They can do anything they want to do, and we can’t do a thing about it.

Is there a bright side?

The Postal Service is still in business, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Deliveries of packages and parcels is saving their rear ends. Thanks to online shopping, these deliveries are going up by approximately 6 percent each year. But consider the worst case scenario. Suppose drones take over deliveries. One way or another, the Government will get it back from us. They always do.

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Kansas lawmaker worried more about beautiful women than the law

Senator-Mitch-HolmesKansas lawmaker, Senator Mitch Holmes could be a dirty old man. If he’s thinking about imposing a dress code for beautiful women as witnesses, he must have his mind on other things besides the law. No short dresses or low cut blouses? Come on Senator, get real. What’s the matter with this guy? Are beautiful legs and breasts distracting him from enforcing the law? They must be. Look at the smile on his face in the picture.

What’s the problem with beautiful women?

Every day, the women on Fox News spend a lot of time showing off their great looking legs. Is that the ONLY way Fox can maintain its Ratings? Let me put it this way. That’s one of the main reasons I like Fox News. Now I ask, what’s wrong with seeing beautiful women’s legs?

The good senator should focus on the law instead of the sensation he must get from seeing beautiful women.

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What’s the most difficult position to play in pro football?

Clay Matthews

Pro football player are huge, and fast. The most difficult position is, any position that touches the ball. Can you imagine being a 5 foot 10 inch running back, with a 6 foot 8 inch defensive lineman wanting to take your head off. Damn, that’s creepy. And, it’s nothing personal. All he wants is the ball.

How to prevent getting dismantled in pro football

Clay Matthews is only 6 foot 3 inches. But he will dismantle a smaller guy, just to get that ball. If I were a running back, and this guy wanted to tear me into pieces, I’d be tempted to just give him the damn thing and say, “Piss on this!”

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Difference of opinion on Duck Dynasty has people bitching left and right

Duck DynastyWith Willie Robertson endorsing Donald Trump and Phil Robertson supporting Ted Cruz, Duck Dynasty is as divided as the State of Alabama during the Auburn – Alabama football game.

People don’t like this

People all over the country are bitching about this. What’s so ironic is, the same people bitching are the ones who voted for Obama, because Oprah told them to.

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How can Actress Charlotte Rampling say Oscars boycott racist to whites?

Charlotte Rampling

It looks like the Academy Awards is trying to get Oprah Winfrey to agree to present a top award at his years Oscars, probably best picture. Morgan Freeman is also on the list of high profile presenters.

So much for this “Lack of Diversity” crap. This should solve the controversy created by Will Smith and his newest sole mate. As for Jada Pinkett Smith, she should be happy. Instead of being the King of the Oscars, blacks are gearing up to be the KING MAKERS.

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100 year old piano player – Secrets to a Long Life

100 year old piano player

100 year old piano player said that Music and Martini’s are the secret to a long life. But what about the other thing that gets people excited? Yes, I mean, S E X.

Piano player says he wishes he can have sex again. But there’s something he didn’t say.

Sex is what got him there!

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Man’s dying wish – Don’t vote for Donald Trump in lieu of sending flowers

Donald TrumpThe man was probably on morphine and delirious when he made this dying wish. That makes no sense. He’s not going to be here to see the Trump administration. The man is dead and his problems are over. Too bad he was a chiropractor. I’ve never known a chiropractor that didn’t take people’s money, promise actual health benefits and milk Blue Cross for every penny they made. And he thinks Trump is a swindler?

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Runaway cow in New York would make a great movie

Runaway CowA runaway cow was captured by the police after escaping from a New York City slaughterhouse.

This sounds like a story that would make a great movie. Hollywood, if you play your cards right, you can be sitting on a gold mine. Let Will Smith, or his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith play the part of the cop who ropes the cow. Its sure to win an Oscar, and the two will have no reason to boycott the Academy Awards next year.

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Academy Awards Boycott may be the last straw. Someone smarter than Hitler is taking all of this in.


Double standards can be harmful, and sometimes fatal

When a white celebrity discriminates against blacks, he’s a racist. When a black celebrity discriminates against whites, he’s a militant. The only difference is, the racist will lose all of his endorsements, just so the companies can cover their rear ends. The militant will become a hero for setting an example.

The way I see it, BOTH are racists, and BOTH are wrong.

I’ve got some news for you. Blacks don’t like this double standard any more than whites. There are a lot of black people out there who’d love to literally punch out both Will Smith and his illustrious better half.

I’ve spoken to many friends of mine who are black, and very good friends. My fear is, this racial war, which is taking a turn for the worse, is going to destroy my relationship with them. But my fears and concerns go a little deeper than this.

I hope history doesn’t repeat itself

Blacks have worked very hard, and have come very far to achieve what they have over the years. This is a tribute to them, and the way it should be. Unfortunately, there are idiots like Will Smith and his wife trying to set them back 70 years. In all fairness to the Smith couple, the media hasn’t busted their butts to come up a peaceful solution. They’ve just stirred it up more and more.

This works both ways. Don’t forget Paula Dean. All she had to do was refuse to answer the question, “Have you ever used the N word” in a dignified way. But apparently she didn’t think, and certainly didn’t consider the consequences. I often wonder if she knew the question was coming beforehand.

So there you have it. Both sides are equally to blame.

But the blacks aren’t the only people who’ve experience prejudice and hate from others. Think of what the Jews had to go through. And don’t’ forget the holocaust, which still remains the most tragic event in the history of the world. I hope to God that something like this never happens again. And I hope this is not wishful thinking, but the thought scares me.

As much as it pains me to say, something like this is very likely to happen in the future, and I hope it’s not in my lifetime. It happened before, and it could happen again.

What I’m about to say will shock you. I don’t know anything about what’s going on at the present time. I’m just a humble blogger trying to get readers. This is what I think is going on right now. I hope to God I’m wrong, but this is my opinion.

Somewhere out there is somebody who’s taking all of this in. For the record, let me say that I don’t think it’s Donald Trump. He’s too obvious, and too smart to do anything of this magnitude. Besides, Trump is not an evil man, in my opinion. I’ll refer to this someone as a person, because it could be a man or woman, or, girl or boy. This person could be an adult, or could be a child at the age of 12. But this person is not opening his or her mouth, and is already thinking about the future.

We may know the person in question. On the other hand, this person may not be known to the public, YET. But he or she will be known, in time, if this racial war is not stopped NOW.

If there is such a person who actually exists, this person will be 10 times smarter than Hitler, and 10 times more of a hater than the worst member of the KKK. This person will hate everybody and everything that gets in the way. He or she will be smart enough to accomplish a goal, and will find a way to prevent the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, United Nations, Congress and the Government from stopping them. This person may be from another country, but I doubt it. It’s my opinion this person is a US citizen, just going about his or her daily life, and taking it all in.

If there is such a person, and I hope the hell there isn’t, I’m frightened to think of what could happen.

And there’s one more thing I want to add. If such a person exists, is the person black or white? This is getting more frightening by the minute. If there is to be another holocaust, who will be the victims? I think we all need to ask this question.

This Racial War must stop Now.

My final plea to everyone

As much as I hate to say it or believe it, I do think there will be another Holocaust. It may not be as extreme, but then again, it may be worse than 70 years ago. Times are changing and it will not be done the same way. We must pay close attention to the warning signs, and they are all around us. People are starting to forget what happened, and this cannot happen if we want to avoid another Holocaust. We cannot forget about how so many people of all different beliefs suffered and lost their lives during the Holocaust. History cannot repeat itself and it is our responsibility to rally against it and do everything possible to prevent this from ever happening again. And this especially includes the media.

So, I am making a plea to everyone reading this article. PLEASE, STOP THIS RACIAL WAR, I beg you.

This article and image were submitted by a visitor to who shall remain anonymous, by request. Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of
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NFL Referees have NO BALLS, literally

New England Patriots
As crazy as this sounds, it’s the truth. At least, it was true before last week’s playoff game at Gillette Stadium between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots. The referees forgot the balls when they left the hotel for the Stadium. Just another close shave at Gillette Stadium!

The Patriots beat the Chiefs 27-20. That’s a real head mind blower. Tom Brady did it with no balls.

I guess this is Murphy’s law in rare form. There’ll be more of it during the playoffs. But can you imagine what’s in store for us for the upcoming election?

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Don’t blame Funeral Home for girl’s missing body. Blame the thief, and sue the insurance company.

Girl's missing bodyFuneral homes carry insurance, I’m sure. Like home owners insurance, it should cover theft of property on the premises. Does funeral homeowners insurance also cover theft of bodies?

A Texas couple is suing Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries of San Antonio for $1 million dollars for allowing the body of their daughter to be stolen five months ago.

Theft of body could have been inside job

Body parts is big business and can bring a lot of money. It’s surprising what people would pay for bones, tissue, lungs, hearts, etc.

No one other than the funeral home or the family knows if she was embalmed for an open casket funeral before being cremated, or it was just a closed casket funeral. If a closed casket funeral her body could have been missing for several days prior to her casket being placed in the hallway before cremation.

Maybe the girl was cremated, and in their bereavement, the family forgot and lost the ashes.

There are crooks in morgues and funeral homes. The funeral homes in general top this list. The thief was probably working in cahoots with the funeral home. If someone is cremated, the family still has to pay the full price of a funeral. This is a racket.

The funeral home is not necessarily to blame. But if they sue the funeral home, tough luck. They deserve what they get, and for that matter, so does the insurance company.

Of course, there’s another side to this story:

She said she was not ready to die just yet, and she simply stood up, hopped out of the casket and left the building with Elvis.

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Plans in the Trump administration for Sarah Palin, but is it running mate?

Donald Trump - Sarah Palin

Donald Trump should name Sarah Palin as his running mate on the Republican Ticket. The two have so much in common.

Neither of these clowns can complete half a sentence before starting the next sentence.

Donald Trump is proof that being rich does not mean being smart. Saran Palin is proof people can always find other people who are more stupid than they are.

Sarah would do an Alaskan Husky on top of the American flag, and then take a shit on the fifty yard line at the Superbowl if she thought it would get her a ticket as Vice President.

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Daniel Holtzclaw gets 263 years for rape, and cries. He knows his sex life is not over, but just beginning.

Daniel Holtzclaw

He wasn’t crying when he was raping teenagers and grandmothers, but he produces Lake Michigan when he’s convicted. Typical psycho.

Justice always prevails in the end – NO PUN INTENDED.

He’s crying because he thinks his sex life is over. But it’s just beginning. He’ll be dropping many bars of soap in the shower. Most guys in prison don’t like cops anyway, but he’ll find one who’ll give him all the lovin’ he wants.

Daniel Holtzclaw not helpful for ending racism and segregation

What is interesting but not surprising is that the news about Will Smith and his wife choosing not to attend the Academy awards has generated a lot of racial controversy. Suddenly, when an ex police officer gets life plus in prison for cowardly raping black women, the Will Smith story has taken a back seat. Racism is still happening in America, thanks to people like Daniel Holtzclaw.

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Will Smith to boycott Oscars, along with his wife. Who cares?

Will Smith

who gives a damn? The whole world needs to bow down and kiss their asses according to them. Their performances weren’t that good, yet they want anything they can get without earning it. Who dies he think he is, Marlon Brando?

Segregation is a bad thing. The blacks are not a disgrace to humanity, like most racist ass holes think. But these two are a disgrace – to all races. There are people like this in all races. I’m Italian and proud, but there are some Italians I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire.

Wouldn’t it be great if people just see great actors instead of skin color? While the skin color of all the nominees may be the same, they are a very diverse group, with different backgrounds, stories and life experiences that make them who they are. Pointing out “skin color” continues to be an issue. It’s not that simple but it’s a good place to start.

Hopefully we will one day be a nation that no longer sees skin color but human beings with all their unique, amazing, different, diverse qualities and ways.

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3 Ways To Prepare For This Weekend’s Brutal Snowstorm

toilet-paperIn a situation like this, you’re always likely to be caught with your pants down. Nature will take its course, no matter what the weather. If you eat, it happens. Just make sure you have plenty of this stuff on hand.




jack-danielsWhen the weather is cold outside, and you’re stranded, you can go stir crazy. But if you don’t give a damn, you’ll be better off. Also, it’ll be very hard to stay warm. If you want to solve both of these problems, have plenty of this stuff on hand.


viagraFinally, there’s probably not going to be much to do. The power will probably be off, so you can’t watch the pro football playoffs. You can’t play on the computer. You can’t listen to music. But if you need something to do to pass the time, I think this will accommodate you. Need I say more?


There you have it. Stay clean, stay loose and have fun. I think this covers everything.

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Once a lawyer, always a lawyer. Is this true for politicians?


Lawyer is an irreversible stain on the soul. Once a lawyer, the person is ruined for life, and it can never be removed. A lawyer is like psoriasis. You can never get rid of them.

People who are lawyers, illegally

Then there are some guys who have never passed the bar, but pretend to be a lawyer and try to practice law. What’s the penalty for this? NOTHING. If he works for a firm, he’s just fired. If he tries to go into business for himself, his law suits aren’t worth a flip. A naive client who thinks he’s getting a $2 million dollar settlement is just plain SOL. What can he do to this jerk? Nothing. But the guy he tried to sue is happy.

Law Professors

Then there are the law professors. They guys are lawyers, but prefer to teach in the law schools. Why? Because they couldn’t cut it as a lawyer.


Finally, there are the politicians, who are mostly lawyers. It’s not so much that they couldn’t cut it as a lawyer. However, as a lawyer, they can’t screw people fast enough and hard enough. As a result, they go into politics.

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