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Posted in Sports, on March 29th, 2013

13 Greatest Rivalries In Sports

13 greatest rivalries in sportsThe rivalries listed in BuzzFeed may be what most consider to be the 13 greatest rivalries in sports, but that is questionable. Right away, you can scratch the New England Patriots and New York Jets from the list. This rivalry is so dull and boring that most sports fans rather watch grass grow. Besides, Rex Ryan can’t keep his mouth shut. This does not necessarily make the rivalry suck. It sucks anyway. But Rex Ryan can make a headache go to your stomach. The Yankees and Red Sox? No, not any more. It once was a great rivalry, but today, they play each other too much. Overkill! The Lakers and Celtics – Now you’re talking. Not only are they rivals on the court, but they are also neck and neck with each other in winning championships.

One rivalry should be included in the list – Auburn and Alabama football rivalry. Of all the great rivalries, no two teams hate each other more these two. In fact, the worst fear in this rivalry is losing to your arch rival. Then, you have to take a bunch of crap from obnoxious ass holes for an entire year. Up until a few years ago, Alabama could not beat Auburn, no matter what they did. In fact, Alabama was thinking about ending the rivalry because they could not defeat Auburn. Then, Alabama paid out big money for another winning tradition. They paid one Nick Saban $3 million to resurrect them from the dead. I guess you could say that Nick Saban is a modern day Moses, the Alabama Family is the modern day Hebrews and Bryant Denny Stadium, the modern day Mt. Sinai. Nick delivered them from bondage. I’m not taking any thing away from Nick Saban, because he is the greatest college football coach of all time. There was never a greater coach, and this includes Bear Bryant. But Nick has been running on all cylinders ever since he arrived in T Town. Soon, he will be either burned out, or six feet under. And with the departure of long-time athletic director, Mal Moore, this will present a problem for the Tide faithful. If they think they had a problem replacing the Bear, wait until this guy steps down. They will have to drop football, which is what they wanted to do before Nick resurrected them from the dead. And all of this was because they could not beat Auburn. Auburn owned them before. They will own them again.

There are two other rivalries that did not make the list, and it is justified. You can forget seeing Texas and Texas A&M again on Thanksgiving weekend. Texas A&M was starting to kick the Longhorns’ butt. Besides, if they played next fall, Johnny Football would crunch them like a bag of potato chips. Nebraska and Oklahoma? Forget it. Nebraska is in the Big 10 now. I don’t think the Cornhuskers care one bit about the Sooners.

Source: BuzzFeed

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