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Another classic Christmas commercial – from Budweiser

This was another Christmas commercial that my Dad loved, at least, at first. But, once again, it was shown during football games, like the Miller commercial. The result, another reminder that his money was disappearing.

Does Tebow want to be traded?

New York Jets Quarterback, Tim Tebow is not happy about losing to Greg McElroy again. Remember Atlanta, 2009? This seems to be becoming a recurring thing. Source: USA TODAY

Is it the end of the world? I don’t think so.

In less than an hour, it will be midnight on the East Coast. It looks like the world is safe. I really feel bad for those people who spent thousands of dollars building a shelter. Source:


Potential murderer was to kill Justin Bieber’s bodyguard

Mark Aaron Staake’s plan was to castrate Bieber and his bodyguard. The bodyguard is supposed to protect Bieber. Who is supposed to protect the bodyguard? Source:

The circus craft of flying trapeze in New York

Take a flying leap at New York’s trapeze school. This proves that, in New York, anything goes. Source:

Too much makeup

Some women apply too much makeup. Why not let their natural beauty stand out, unless, or course, they have something to hide. Source:

Anne Hathaway’s embarrassing moment

I’ve heard the expression, “Being caught with your pants down”, for years, but I did not think it would ever happen, literally. Source:

Lakers not looking too good these days

Kobe Bryant is not very happy about the loss to Cleveland. I wonder what Phil Jackson thinks about this. Source: USA TODAY

British researchers look for life in hidden lake in Antarctic Region

I hope they brought their long johns. Source:

Bobby Petrino to coach Western Kentucky – Is that so bad?

The SEC shut Bobby Petrino out, and would not take a chance with him. At this year’s Democratic Convention, who received the largest standing ovation?

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