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On this day in weather history

On this day, in 1985, President Ronald Reagan took his oath of office with a wind chill on -30 degrees. This was the coldest inauguration in history. He was as tough as nails. Now that was an All American Man. Source: Alabama’s


Watch the video of President Obama’s Inauguration

The man didn’t even break a sweat. He’s done it so many times that he should be an expert at it by now. Source: The New York Times

Lakers drop sixth straight on the road

The Los Angeles Lakers were defeated by the Chicago Bulls, giving them their sixth straight loss on the road. This is driving everyone crazy, especially the media. Don’t worry, they have 16 championships. They are about to win another championship of a different kind – FINGER POINTING. Source:


Brother vs Brother in Super Bowl XLVII

This should be the greatest Super Bowl ever. Jim Harbaugh vs John Harbaugh – Brother against Brother – WOW. I wonder who Mom and Dad will be rooting for. Source:


Netanyahu seeks re-election as Israel PM

Israelis are going to the polls. Opinion is, PM Benjamin Netanyahu will return to office. Does the PM of Israel take an oath of office? If so, how many times will he take his oath of office. Source: BBC News


Federal Aviation Administration says 787’s are grounded until safe

U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, is making it clear the Federal Aviation Administration will not allow the Boeing 787 Dreamliners to fly until it is safe. It’s too bad Howard Hughes is not still around. He could help them get it off the ground. Source:

Earl Weaver, long-time Orioles Manager, Dies at 82

I cannot poke fun at this. This guy was one on the greatest baseball managers of all time. He was also the most colorful. Remember when he was ejected for smoking a cigarette? The next day, he showed up in the dugout with a candy cigarette in his mouth. He was a feisty little cus. […]

Meet the Five Poorest U.S. Senators

The salary of a US Senator is $174,000. If you think about it, you can come up with some better words then “poor”. Here are a few: “tight”, “extravagent”, “whiney”, etc. How about a few more: “stupid”, “irresponsible”, “incompetent”, and of course, “dumbass”. Source: US News & World Report


The Second 2013 Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama

Can you believe it. It is taking the President three attempts to get it right. Of course, there is another possibility. People didn’t believe him the first two times, so they are making him do it for the third time to seal the deal. That’s silly! Do you really believe Presidents lie? Source: USA TODAY


The hi-tech way to get fit

It’s funny that people seem to think about getting fit and getting in shape only after New Years, and after the Olympics. Here, I think exercise and fitness has been taken to a new extreme. Source: BBC News


Al Pacino to Play Paterno in Film

Al Pacino is scheduled to play Joe Paterno in the movie about the former Penn State football coach. I wonder who will play Jerry Sandusky. This should be interesting. Source: The New York Times