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Minnesota Wrestler Loses His NCAA Eligibility by Selling a Song

Recall the 19987 Orange Bowl. Brian Bosworth wore a t shirt that referred to the NCAA as the “National Communists Against Athletes”. The NCAA is not a law enforcement agency. They are not policemen. But they are bureaucrats, and they are smart. They know just about everything there is to know about ever area except […]

114-year-old woman named oldest in the world

I had always wondered what the secret was to living such a long life, until one day, someone pointed it out to me. The person to whom I am referring once knew a man who reached the age of 100. One day, he was at his house. While there, he looked in one of his […]

Four arrested Alabama players dismissed from team and from school

Nick Saban had similar problems in 2007, although not quite this serious. This was his first year at Alabama, and he desperately needed players. Today, things are different. That guy is loaded. Source:


Disfigured Vermont Woman Receives Face Transplant

Just think of how many women get a face lift, just for the heck of it. In most cases, they don’t really need it. They get it anyway because they think it will make them look glamorous, or, they have to convince themselves of this. At least this Vermont mother needed one. Source: ABC News […]

Life after being a pope

There have been ex-presidents, ex-senators and congressmen, ex-governors, ex-coaches and even ex-priests. But there has never been an ex-pope. Many questions will arise. Will the Catholic Church set up a Pope’s Retirement Fund? When he passes on, will ex-Pope Benedict be laid to rest with the popes who did not retire? Will the new pope […]

Harry M. Reid says it’s the House sitting on ‘posterior’

Reid said this after House Speaker John A. Boehner accused the Senate of sitting on its “ass”. This is just business as usual in Washington. Source: The Washington Post


6 Reasons It’s So Hard To Buy Concert Tickets

When Lou Pearlman was managing “N Sync and Backstreet Boys, I wonder if he ever scalped his own tickets. This brings up another interesting point. Jerry Sandusky is lonesome and needs some company. Lou Pearman is the perfect cell mate for Jerry, considering the fact that they both like boys. Source: BuzzFeed


Action taken on untreatable gonorrhoea

One third of these cases in the UK are from men getting it on with men. What a bummer! Source: BBC

Swim Coach Guilty of Sexually Abusing 13 Year Old Female Swimmer

Maybe he should be put in the cell with Jerry Sandusky. OH, I FORGOT. SANDUSKY LIKES BOYS. Source: ABC News


Blackjack dealer slashed in attack at Bellagio

I realize that all of the casinos in Las Vegas have many unsatisfied customers every day. However, I never thought one would go that far. Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Female judge, 52, has sex with inmate in prison interview room

Maybe this is her way of offering the inmate a plea bargain. Source: