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Two Men who Ruined my Day

My soon to be wife, on May 25, and I went out this evening. We got home around 9:30 PM. We were a little hungry, so we decided to have something to eat.

Neither of us felt like cooking. There was some left-over chicken soup in the refrigerator, so we decided to just eat it […]

Princeton Mother Tries to Get Her Son Married

This woman actually sent a letter to the editor of Princeton’s newspaper, “Daily Princetoneon”, trying to get her son, Daniel, married to a Princeton woman. I’m surprised Susan even allows Daniel go to college by himself. Does she still dress him and change him? I wonder what Daniel thinks of this. He is probably embarrassed. […]

North Carolina removes confederate flag from old capitol buliding

North Carolina removed the confederate battle flag from the old capital after civil rights leaders expressed concerns. I have to agree with their decision to take it down. It’s a beautiful flag, and means a lot to some people. However, is is offensive to others, and it hurts those people. For this reason, it should […]

13 Greatest Rivalries In Sports

The rivalries listed in BuzzFeed may be what most consider to be the 13 greatest rivalries in sports, but that is questionable. Right away, you can scratch the New England Patriots and New York Jets from the list. This rivalry is so dull and boring that most sports fans rather watch grass grow. Besides, Rex […]

Patient gave his surgeon a letter before going under

I don’t know what kind of surgery this patient had, but it should have been brain surgery. Source: HappyPlace

Massachusetts Man Arrested with ‘To-Do’ List

Mr. Dorsey is apparently a business man at heart – well organized. After all, it is unusual for a criminal to have a “to do list”. Most likely, he will be prosecuted as a “White Collar” criminal. Source: ABC News


Barbara Walters Retiring

Barbara, it’s about time. You are 83 years old. I don’t want to say that you are over the hill, but you are over the hill. Let it go. Spend the rest of your life growing your olives and tomatoes. Source: THE HUFFINGTON POST


Woman Couldn’t Get A Date Until She Got Fat

If my wife was to gain weight, and get fat, I would not mind. There would just be more of her for me to love. Source: BuzzFeed


Pope Francis to shun luxury papal apartment

This new Pope really knows what he is all about. The Pope is merely a servant of Jesus Christ. Now, think about it. Would Jesus have chosen to stay at a luxury apartment? Probably not. Pope Francis made be the most true Pope the Catholic Church has ever had. Source: CNN


Mavens of Mischief Burlesque

Over-the-hill. If you show two of them together, they look like the BEFORE and the AFTER Source: courier-journal

83 year old lesbian defends Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

I’ve never had a problem with lesbian women. We have something in common. They like the same thing I like. Source: THE HUFFINGTON POST