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American Idol Pulled a Shocker this Evening

HOLY COW ! American Idol is full of surprises. What in the world happened on the show this evening? Just when you know the direction in which the show is headed, the producers, judges, Jimmy Lovine, or whoever calls the shots decide to point you entirely in the opposite direction.

For the last three weeks, […]

Warning – Soft Drinks Cause Diabetes

When cigarettes were first introduced, it was thought by many that they were good for you. The old cigarette commercials made an issue about how good they make the throat feel. Of course, you know what was eventually discovered Over the years, almost everything people eat has been linked to a negative, and sometimes fatal, […]

14-Year-Old McDonald’s Hamburger – Same as Day 1

This McDonald’s Hamburger may look the same, but I don’t think it will taste the same. Who knows? Maybe it will taste better. McDonald’s is one of the most successful operations of all time. Have you ever wondered why? I think I can answer that. They certainly did not get where they are now by […]

Regions Bank messed up ! They should be embarrassed !

During this past weekend, customers of Regions Bank were unable to access their account information because the bank’s web site would not download. According to a Regions Bank spokesman, “. . .it was under cyber attack, and its website and online banking had been compromised.” Now, if you believe this, then I would try to […]

Will Candice Glover be the next American Idol?

No doubt about it. Candice Glover is definitely America’s newest overnight sensation. Her stunning performance during American Idol last week brought the house down, and this is an understatement. Her magnificent performance even had judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, agreeing with each other. And this is a tall order.

Even as amazing as she […]

Hello Kitty – Cute and Loveable – Has Her Secrets

Here are 10 things about Hello Kitty that you probably did not know. Even the little loveable character has her surprises. Source: BuzzFeed


Tiger Woods Sure Can Put Butts in the Seats

Tickets for this year’s Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Ga. are selling for more than $13 thousand. This is because Tiger is hot again. No doubt about it, the man is a champion, and, he puts butts in the seats. Source:


FBI to Investigate Rutgers for Alleged Extortion

Oh Boy! (No pun intended) It appears that the Rutgers basketball program has created another Penn State saga. Mike Rice could be joining Jerry Sandusky. Mike and Jerry have something in common. Both of their victims were boys. Source: ABC News


Annette Funicello, Loveable Mickey Mouse Mouseketeer, Dies

There is nothing you can say about this, other than, she was truly one of America’s sweethearts. Annette, I will miss you, Darling. Source: The New York Times

Tampa Bay Buccaneers willing to trade No.13 pick for Jets CB Darrelle Revis

If the Jets were to trade Darrelle Revis and their coach, Rex Ryan to Tampa Bay for a good campfire girl, I think they would get the better deal. Source:


We Were Better Off in the 80’s

As the result of a survey, three quarters of Americans believe we were better off in the 80’s than we are now. In the 80’s, President Reagan was able to clean up the mess made by President Carter. Unfortunately, President Obama is not able to clean up the confusion created by President Bush. Source: USA […]