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Miss Ali – Double Personality – Double Standard

Shahrazad Ali, known as, Miss Ali seems to be a fairly nice lady. However, there is one area that obviously touches a nerve with her. When it comes to black and white relations, and racism, the lady turns into an animal. I guess you can say that she has a double personality.


On This Day, July 20

On this day, in 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon. What next? Mars? Venus? An asteroid? Outer space? Or, further explore the Moon?

I have an idea. With technology as advanced as it is today, there has to be a way to make the environment on the Moon livable. […]

Detroit Files the Largest Bankruptcy in History

Before Detroit filed bankruptcy for more than $18 billion, the largest was Jefferson County, Alabama. Of course, we all know where the money from Jefferson County went. I don’t have to remind you that most of the former Jefferson County officials are now in Federal Prison. I wonder where the money from Detroit went. Keep […]

What Are Those People At Charter Communications Thinking?

Sometimes I wonder what the people at Charter Communications are thinking. A few nights ago, I was having trouble with my cable service. Immediately, I called Charter and scheduled a service call for the next day. They asked if I wanted the technician to come between 8:00AM and 10:00AM, 11:00AM and 1:00PM or 3:00PM and […]

Angela Corey Was Pathetic After The Zimmerman Verdict

In her Saturday evening press conference, after the Zimmerman verdict, Angela Corey was a sight to behold. The woman was dressed like someone who is more interested in having an exciting night out on the town. She seems to be very much at home in front of the cameras.

If she ever decides to give […]

We’re Living In A World Of Double Standards

It’s funny how situations are the same, yet at the same time, quite different.

As a result of the George Zimmerman verdict of not guilty, people are taking to the streets, marching, protesting and threatening to riot. Almost twenty years ago, there was the exact same verdict in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. The reaction […]

The Catholic Church Has A New Patron Saint – St. John Paul II

Last week, the Catholic Church decided to declare the late Pope John Paul II as a Saint. This makes sense. Face it, the man was at his best when he was in front of a camera. This is because this is where he felt at home.

The gay community is especially happy about the Catholic […]

You Can’t Fight Ignorance

What is the first sign of intelligence?

The first sign of intelligence is to Follow Directions.

What is the first sign of ignorance?

There is more than one sign of ignorance. One sign is, when someone thinks they know everything, when in fact, they know nothing. Of course, another sign of ignorance is to not […]