Paula Deen Trying to Make a Comeback

Good for You, Girl! I Hope You Make It!

I am with Paula Deen all the way. America needs her. And I don’t mind saying, I miss her a lot.

Think about the circumstances surrounding her, hopefully, temporary fall from fame. She was asked, on the spot, if she had ever used the “N Word”. […]

Marajuana Now Legal in State of Colorado

Marajuana has been legalized in the State of Colorado.

It is still against the law to bring marijuana to the ski slope. I wonder why. What harm could it do? It seems like this is the time and place when you really need a joint. Those guys go down that ski slope very fast. Before […]

Americans Need Different Athletes in Winter Olympics

Americans Don’t Do Very Good in the Winter Olympics

Some of the American speed skaters in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are blaming a flaw in the Mach 39 speed skating suit developed by Under Armour & Lockheed Martin for their bad results. This is just an excuse. Excuses are like ass holes. Every one […]

Owner of Chinese Serves Cockroaches, and then Tries to Kill Customer

Chinese Restaurant has Crawling Food

The owner of Good Friend Chinese and Seafood Restaurant, in the Western section of Birmingham, Alabama, fired shots at a customer.

The customer who was lucky to get out of there alive complained because he found a cockroach in the food. The owner of this restaurant, Chun Hin Ching, is […]