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First Game Played in Coors Field, March 31, 1995

On this day in history, in 1995, the very first baseball game was played in the brand new Coors Field in Colorado. The Colorado Rockies defeated the New York Yankees by the score of 4 to 1.

After the game, an idiot tried to toy with my mind by asking me the following question, […]

The Unforgetable Person – Love Will Find a Way

Love Takes All Forms

I’m sure everyone has heard of the legendary football coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi. One of Coach Lombardi’s all time greatest players was a defensive back by the name of Herb Adderley. Mr. Adderley was such a great player, that ESPN named him as one of the four […]

What Happened to Judge Joe Brown?

Every so often, I will watch a little TV in the middle of the day. I am usually tuned in to Fox 6, the Fox affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama. This is my favorite station. The reporters for Fox 6 are very professional, and probably some of the best in the country. I like some […]

People Don’t Want to Talk to You – Is This Good Business?

Earlier today, I was browsing the internet. I needed to have something repaired that I purchased about 15 years ago.

I stumbled across five websites that could handle this for me. Four of the websites had no link where I could contact them. The other had a link that took me over five minutes to […]

Technology is Great, but So Were the Old Days

Many young people today do not remember life before there was little technology.

The Telephone Over the Years

In the old days, there were no smart phones. Today, everyone in the family has a smart phone. This means that each family has at least 3, 4, 5 and possibly 6 telephone numbers.

Not very long […]

Happy Birthday Internet, aka, WORLD WIDE WEB

Happy Birthday, Internet. You Are 25 Years Old Today

I want to take this opportunity to wish a very happy birthday to the greatest guy in the area of technology. His name is


Just think about it. 25 years ago today, certain terminology had a different meaning from what it has today.

A guy […]

Rachel Canning Sueing Parents For Tuition

This lawsuit has some National TV personalities outraged. People like Matt Lauer, Gayle King and Nancy Grace seem to be taking sides with the parents.

I can understand why the parents feel they don’t have to pay for Rachel Canning’s college tuition. But the high school tuition is a different matter. If she attended a […]

Is Biker, Edwin Mieses, Telling the Truth?

Ten Bikers Could Get 25 Years

A gang of bikes terrorized a family in a Range Rover on a New York City highway. Edwin Mieses was with them. He also claimed that he was not part of the brutal plot to terrorize the family.

Edwin Mieses was run over by the driver […]

How Would You React if You See a Dead Man Come Back to Life

After the dead man was pronounced dead by the coroner, he was placed in a body bag, and sent to the funeral home for embalming. Before the mortician could start the embalming, the man comes back to life.

I have known a lot of morticians over the years. Due to the nature of their work, […]