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Nick Cannon Did Not Wear Wedding Ring

It was noticed during his appearance on “America’s Got Talent.” If I had just broken up with someone who wanted desperately to get rid of me, I wouldn’t wear my wedding ring either. This would only serve as a grim reminder.

Source: INSIDE edition

How Did Lou Gehrig Die?

A few weeks ago, I was watching an old movie with a friend on TCM. The movie was, The Pride of the Yankees, starring Gary Cooper. This movie portrayed the life of one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Lou Gehrig.

When Gary Cooper made the famous speech about being the . […]

Kids Learn Bribery At An Early Age

I have a little nephew who is almost two years old. Ever since this kid was born, he has never liked me. I don’t know why, but he screamed at the top of his lungs every time he saw me. I don’t think he was afraid of me. He just didn’t like me.

One […]

The Craziest Speed Bumps Ever Made

These may be crazy, but I still have a problem with the regular speed bumps. Speed bumps may save the lives of passengers, but they can do the driver in.

Soource: HappyPlace

Sister of Boston Marathan Bomber Arrested

What’s the matter with these people. When they were kids, didn’t they have toys to play with? Did this bitch ever play with dolls?

Source: Mail Online

The Best Pizzas in the World

Now all someone has to do is rank the best beers in the world, and then, my Friend, we are in business.


Is Diane Sawyer Really Stepping Down?

Is she really, or is she pulling a Barbara Walters? They both remind me of a furniture store that is going out of business, but runs a big sale that lasts for two years.


Why Obama Declined the Ice Bucket Challenge

I can only think of one reason. No one could get his ass off the golf course.

Source: The Daily Dot

Does Warren Buffett Really Hate America?

President Obama thinks so. Warren Buffett doesn’t like paying taxes. So do millions of other people. This doesn’t mean they hate America. Obama, if you’re really pissed off, why don’t you start eating Big Macs instead Whoppers.


USC Football Player Suspended

USC cornerback Josh Shaw was indefinitely suspended for lying to his coaches. He said he sprained his ankle while trying to save his drowning nephew. If this guy is trying to make it in pro football, he is off to a good start. He shows that he has the mentality for a professional athlete, […]

Pink Slime Meat Filler is Back

There’s nothing wrong with this meat. It’s a different color because it’s from cows that were killed later in the day. They knew what was about happen and they were scared shitless.

Source: TIME