How Did Lou Gehrig Die?

A few weeks ago, I was watching an old movie with a friend on TCM. The movie was, The Pride of the Yankees, starring Gary Cooper. This movie portrayed the life of one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Lou Gehrig.

When Gary Cooper made the famous speech about being the . […]

Kids Learn Bribery At An Early Age

I have a little nephew who is almost two years old. Ever since this kid was born, he has never liked me. I don’t know why, but he screamed at the top of his lungs every time he saw me. I don’t think he was afraid of me. He just didn’t like me.

One […]

Kevin Love And the New BIG THREE

There is a new BIG THREE. It is no longer in Miami. It is in Cleveland.

With Kevin Love joining LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, there is a new power in the East. All the Cavs need to do now is find another BirdMan, and it will be like old times to LeBron.

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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon – Do They Want to Save It

Is the marriage worth saving for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon?

Mariah does not want a marriage counselor. She is afraid it would get out that the marriage was in trouble. Well, darling, let me enlighten you. It’s already out. You and Nick have been the hottest searches on Google this week.

Mariah and […]

GOP Raises Hell With President Obama


The GOP is pissed off at President Obama for vacationing during the ISIS Terrorist crisis. If confronted with this, the President would probably say, “I think better when I’m on the golf course.”

Source: CBS NEWS

Taylor Swift Realizes She’s a Feminist


A feminist is defined by Merriam-Webster as one who believes that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Is this why Taylor Swift considers herself to be a feminist?

I have always believed this, and I am a man. Does this make me a feminist? Or, am I a masculinist?

I […]

Taylor Swift Pisses Off Black Women of America

Shake it Off

Taylor Swift is in hot water. They are mad at her because they think she is “Portraying Black Stereotypes”. But they are really mad at her because she can dance. Women don’t like competition. She has more moves than ex-lax.

Source: The Huffington Post […]

Tennessee Death Row Inmates Sue



The Electric Chair is cruel and unusual punishment. But, is lethal injection gentle and usual punishment?

The death row inmates would rather be drugged to death instead of electrocuted. I assume these guys are tough, and are not afraid to die. Why should it matter to them how they […]

Nicki Minaj’s Butt Overtakes Miley Cyrus’ Butt

Anaconda, aka, YouTube Viewers sets all time record. Nicki Minaj’s butt did it. Her butt has been a National Inspiration. The word is, Reader’s Digest is going to publish an article entitled, “I am Nicki Minaj’s BUTT.”

Source: HappyPlace

How Do You Handle Rejection?



This is the way I handle rejection. First I go the the store and buy a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Second, I download as many Carrie Underwood and Nickelback songs as I possibly can. Third, I start listening to the music with headphones, with the volume turned up full blast. […]

James Foley Beheading Video Could Be Fake

Warning – ISIS beheading of American James Foley might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

First and foremost, I hope the video is a fake. It bothers me to think that someone would brutally murder someone like this in cold blood.

I’ve watched the unedited version several times, and […]