Amanda Bynes has plans after rehab

After leaving rehab, actress Amanda Bynes wants to start her own clothing line. I could think of many appropriate names for her new line of clothing. […]

Good2Go App – Fulfilling a dream

The Good2Go app may be the fulfillment of the dream of every smart phone owner. This app does not beat around the bush, and gets right to the main question – is the answer YES or NO? […]

National Coffee Day may lead to National Shake Day

With National Coffee Day upon us, the country is likely to be a bundle of nerves for the next two weeks. The next national day may feature free Valium. […]

Violence runs in the Ohio State family


Ohio State strength coach, Anthony Schlegel pulled a Woody Hayes, by tackling a fan who ran on the field. Violence must be part of the Buckeye tradition. […]

I love many things, but only one affects me a certain way


I love many things.

My favorite food is hot dogs. I love hot dogs.

I love Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.




I love my two Boston Terries.




I love to play golf.

I love to cook.

I love apple pie.

The list of things I love in endless. I […]

Golf attracts too many HOT-HEADS

So many weekend golfers think they are Tiger Woods. They are not that good. But many want to damage their clubs when they make a bad shot. Go figure. […]

People can say “YES”, but can they say “NO”?

Yes is an easy word to say. No is not so easy to say. Why can’t people ever say no? Are they afraid of hurting someone’s feelings? Screw their feelings. If a person says “No”, at least they are being honest. […]

Race the issue for Eric Holder?

Was race the issue with Eric Holder? I don’t think so. I don’t think the guy played favorites. […]

Notre Dame – Auburn in championship game – No Bear Bryant

Is a Notre Dame and Auburn match-up possible? Yes it is. Unfortunately for the Irish, they can’t beat the SEC unless the team is coached by Bear Bryant. […]

Derek Jeter – Another single digit number

Will number 2, worn by Derek Jeter, be retired by the Yankees? This is a no brainer. How many single digit numbers do the Yankees have available? […]

Pitchman Kevin Trudeau – A COOL DUDE

Professional pitchman, Kevin Trudeau, was sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison. In spite of this, I kind of like the guy, personally. But this is the nature of a pitchman. […]