Growing Old can still be lots of fun

My Aunt saw Russian attacks through the TV

As the owner and creator of Merjeo, I have to come up with some crazy stuff. I grew up in a very colorful family. Over the years, we experienced some wild, crazy and weird happenings. What I am about to tell you is crazy, but it’s a true story.

GET DOWN! The Russians are coming […]

My Grandmother was nuts, but Mother won’t say

I had two Grandmothers, who have both passed on.

The were both sweet ladies. I loved them both, but one of them constantly had panic attacks. Face it. She was my Grandmother, but she was just plain nuts. She was the Grandmother on my Father’s side, which made her my Mother’s Mother-in-Law.

I have asked […]

My wife’s going into labor. What do I do?

Here’s an actual 911 call Operator: 911, may I help you? Caller: My wife is expecting. I think she’s going into labor. What do I do? Operator: Is this her first born? Caller: No. This is her husband.

Golf and Pool – Two good games but wrong players


Where the games are played

Golf is played outdoors. The game is played on a golf course, which is hundreds of acres of land. Some golf courses are surrounded by trees and forests. With this much land available, there are plenty of places to hide. This is the kind of setting where you […]

Football, Baseball, Basketball – Change a few things

The three most popular sports are, Football, Baseball and Basketball. To many, these are the only activities that should be considered Sports.

There are some things in these three sports that make absolutely no sense. These are crazy, weird and bazaar. But remember, this is Merjeo, where everything is crazy, weird and bazaar.

Football […]

How to stop emotional abuse once and for all

A person who emotionally abuses you does it for one reason, and one reason only. He is screwed up. He literally hates himself, and tries to get you to do the same thing, which is hate yourself. But you know better, don’t you? This should tell you, right away, that this jerk-off doesn’t know what […]

How to cure Insomnia

If you’re having problems sleeping at night, here are two things you can do that will cure it, permanently.

First, decorate your bedroom to look like a classroom.

This second thing you can do works even better. Decorate your bedroom so that it resembles a church. Contact Fathead and ask them […]

How to drive your dentist insane

When he straps you comfortably in the chair, and puts the bib on you, tell him, “I’d like a lot taken off the sides. I don’t want too much taken off the top. Also, please taper the back.”

If you do this, you’d better hope your dentist has a sense of humor. If he doesn’t, […]

Silence is Golden, UNLESS . . . .

Silence is Golden,

Unless, you have a girlfriend, partner, or soul mate. It this case, Silence can be,






If your partner is a psycho, Silence can be,



How a man can please a woman and vice versa

How a man can please a woman Tell her you love her Wine her and Dine her Tell her she’s beautiful at least 20 times a day Tell her you’d die for her Buy her jewelry Send her flowers Every so often, spring a pleasant surprise on her Be interested in whatever she is interested […]