Gay marriages increase the market for Dildos and Sex Toys

Here’s an ad someone placed about three months ago

Here’s the revised ad after the Federal Government’s ruling last week


If you’re gay, and you’re reading this, you’ll be happy to know that both ads are clickable.

If I were the owner of a Company that manufacturers sex toys. I’d try to […]

Inmate drunk when killed – What so unusual about that?

One thing a prisoner knows how to do is get alcohol. So, they don’t allow them to have alcohol in prison. This doesn’t stop them. Many inmates take fruit from the chow hall and make wine. And the ones who do all have drinking buddies.

Source: ABC News


President Obama, aka, President Burr Head batting a thousand this week

You can tell this guy is not running in the next presidential election. No idiot in his right mind would expect to be re-elected after doing the things he did this week.

Health Care Disaster

Earlier in the week, President Obama approved the new health care bill. All he did was piss off every […]

Sexual harassment by the boss – A double standard?

If someone’s boss, who is just the manager working for a large company, is accused of sexual harassment, what happens? He is fired by the company.

What happens if the boss, who is self-employed, is accused of sexual harassment? I said accused, not guilty. Here are some possible solutions:

I own the company. I […]

Are you a homosexual? – PART II

This is a true story. About a week ago, I had some business with the local Social Security office. I overheard a conversation between an applicant for Social Security Disability Benefits, and the lady who was waiting on him.

She was filling out a form, and asking him questions.

I overheard her ask him,

“Are […]

Government trying to destroy junk food – WHY?

The FDA has enforced strict regulations for Fast Food Restaurants – McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.

Recently, they closed down a Blue Bell Ice Cream plant in Oklahoma.

That’s just great. The government is starting to legalize marijuana, but they’re trying to destroy junk foods.

Go figure.


Shooting in Charleston SC – A MASS SHOOTING? – No way

Why is everyone calling the Shooting in Charleston, SC a Mass Shooting?

It didn’t happen in a Catholic Church. It happened in a Protestant Church.

A gunman opening fire in St. Peter’s Basilica? Now that’s a real MASS SHOOTING.


Website on Internet Marketing – A Stupid Idea

So many people today want to hit it big in Internet Marketing.

The first thing they do is set up a website on How to Make Money in Internet Marketing.

7 Reasons Why a Website on Internet Marketing is a Stupid Idea: People who visit your website are interested in the same thing. The people […]

Guy goes to Mexico to commit suicide

This is what happened:

Monday: He arrives in Mexico

Tuesday & Wednesday: He spends these two days doing cocaine.

Thursday: He bangs three hookers

Friday: He changes his mind and decides he wants to live.

Difference between Ebola and a heat wave

The Media: Don’t panic about Ebola.


The Media: Don’t panic about the Heat Wave.

The Public: Please pass the Ice Tea.

2 professional sports teams named after tragedies

Chicago has a pro soccer team known as the Chicago Fire.

But did you know that Chicago once had a pro football team, also known as the Chicago Fire? This was in the old World Football League, which started in 1974 and folded in 1975.

Why Chicago Fire. You’ve never seen these teams: The […]