How to find inner peace within yourself

I was watching Dr. Phil one day, and he explained the secret on how to find inner peace within yourself:

“The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and never have finished.”

I decided to take his advice, immediately after the show ended.

I began […]

How to handle a registered sex offender living across the street

I received an email from someone who has a registered sex offender living across the street from where he lives. There’s also a seven year old girl living there. Registered sex offenders are forbidden by law to live around children. This guy is breaking the law.

My email contact doesn’t particularly like it, but […]

How one person responded to overseas email scam asking for money


If you’ve ever received a scam email that appears to be from overseas, you’ve probably ignored it. The message will tell you that someone has died, and the estate must be settled. Furthermore, if you pay a fee, you will receive a percentage of the money, which can be in the millions. This is how […]

Potatoes – The latest email trend

People are sending Anonymous Potatoes with personal messages to people across the United States through this website:

Why it’s dangerous to stalk someone on Facebook

Stalking someone on Facebook is OK. You’re not going to get into trouble, unless you do one thing:

Accidentally click on the Like Button.