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‘Clinique’ & ‘Christmas’ – What a Combination!


Clinique – What Makes It So GOOD?

As we were driving home after spending Thanksgiving Day with the family, my Mother and Sister wanted to hit the stores, just to see if the real serious shopping had begun. This was around 6:00 PM, and the stores were filled to the max. Little Sister went […]

32 Top Christmas Gifts for that Special Man in your Life


Ladies, have you thought about that special man in your life? Maybe it’s a tie, or a pair of gloves. Perhaps something more presonal, unique and different. This special man may be your father, brother, friend or your soulmate. Now you can let him know how much you appreciate his being a part of […]

37 Top Christmas Gifts for that Special Lady in your life


So, how are you going to please the most important lady in your life? This special lady may be your mother, girl friend, a very special friend, or best yet, your precious wife. Remember, this very special lady has always been there for you. Now it’s time to let her know how very much […]

38 of the Best Learning Toys for your Children


Remember the old days, when the most popular toys for Children were the Slinky, the Etch a Sketch by Ohio Art, Play-Doh, and finally, Silly Putty? Things have changed a little. Children today love exciting toys. Parents love toys that will help their Children learn and succeed in life. The most successful people in […]

31 Very Cool & Unique Christmas Gift Ideas


What to do if you don’t know what to buy someone for Christmas

The most confusing thing about Christmas shopping is not knowing what to get someone for Christmas. There are three ways to eliminate this confusion. First, don’t buy something you think the people on your shopping list want. People’s wants and desires […]

Want a Drone this Christmas? You’re like millions of people


Drones are very popular right now. Their popularity is not like to decline. You’re not going to believe how low the prices are. At the rate they’re going, they could be the best selling Christmas gift ever. […]

The most amazing & popular gifts, in time for Christmas


Once, there were gifts like Slinky, Etch-a-Sketch, Play-Doh and Silly Putty. What ever happened to the good old days?
I’ll tell you exactly what happened. They got better. The gifts that are in line to become some of the very best and most popular Christmas gifts ever, are just absolutely awesome. […]