Your stool is Green. What does this mean?


Here at Merjeo, I try to post interesting things that are funny, entertaining, and head scratching, not necessarily in this order.

I try to keep things as clean as possible. I’m getting ready to talk about a topic that’s a little gross, and distasteful. I’ll try to make it as clean as I can.


Santa’s Reindeer wish you a Merry Christmas


Santa’s Reindeer want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, in their own special and unique way. This is hilarious. […]

8 reasons Trump is right about those damn Camel Jockeys


People are quick to judge other people. Donald Trump has received a tremendous amount of criticism since he publicly stated that Muslims should be banned from this Country. I agree with Mr. Trump. Get rid of every one of those camel jockeys. I have another name for them, but like I said in the […]

How to respond if someone asks, “Have you ever used the N Word?”


Whether you’ve used the N Word or not is immaterial. There are ways to answer the question “Have you ever used the N Word” in both situations. Before I continue, I can truthfully say that I’ve never used this word. I don’t like the word, nor have I ever liked it.

Situation 1 – […]

Why you shouldn’t get Pissed Off when no one reads your blog


4 ways to be the best blogger

There’s no one to get pissed off at, except for one person – Yourself.

So, you think you’re the greatest blogger

Somewhere, you heard or read that Google likes content.. So, you write content. But you write content just for the sake of content.

You say, “OK […]