Culinary Schools don’t allow weapons, just knives

culinary schools

Did you know that most Culinary schools do not allow their students to carry pepper spray? They consider this a weapon.

It’s all right to carry a case filled with sharp knives. They teach people how to take a knife, and cut a whole animal into small pieces. They also show students how to sprinkle […]

Donald Trump, second celebrity President. What if . . ?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the second celebrity Elected President. The other was Ronald Reagan. Suppose other celebrities had been Elected President. It would have been very interesting. See your yourself.

How much did the dresses at the Donald Trump Inauguration cost?


Famous cowboy from a long . . long . . long time ago


TV Show: The Texan

Starring: Rory Calhoun

Rory Calhoun’s Name in the Show: Bill Longley

Occupation: Killer

Distinguishing Feature of the Show: His gun sounded like a cannon.

The Real Bill Longley

Unlike Rory Calhoun, the real Bill Longley was ruthless, […]

10 ways to drive people around you totally insane


1. When someone asks you to do something, no matter what it is, ask, “What would you like to drink with that?”

2. Every time you write a check, write in the Memo Field, “For Cocaine.”

3. When you ride […]

6 new rules for proper table manners


Everyone knows about the standard rules, such as, wash your hands before dinner, don’t eat with your fingers, don’t talk about disgusting things at the table, don’t talk with your mouth full, etc.

Here are some new rules that no one has ever heard about, and until now, have never thought about. They are a […]

What if you get held up with no cash? No problem! Some thieves now take credit cards


The other day, I went to the Dollar Tree to buy a few things. I’d intended to buy a whole bunch of stuff, but ended up buying 4 things.

I didn’t have any cash, so I asked the attendant, “I feel funny using my debit card for such a small purchase. Is it all right?” […]

8 changes that should be made on Facebook, immediately


Change the name of the Facebook posting area

The name of the Facebook posting area indicates that there are a lot of morons on Facebook. I’ve never liked the idea of posting on someone’s wall. Talking to a wall is associated with being an idiot.

Add other options besides “Like”

Facebook wants people to […]

Sometimes, prayer is not the answer


This is a true story.

I once had a discussion with a Franciscan Friar.

In the Catholic Church, it is believed that the Priest performs a ritual, and changes the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, literally. Then, the people receive it as communion.

One day, we were having a […]

Dog recognizes weather man’s voice on TV and is terrified


In a previous post, I mentioned that I have two Boston Terriers, Dixie Rose and Holly Ann. Dixie Rose is not afraid of anything. Holly Ann is skittish. She’s afraid of fireworks, and bad weather.

When there are tornado warnings in my area, I always turn the TV on and watch WBRC, Fox6. This station […]

What if your dog could talk? What would he say?


I have two adorable Boston Terriers. The Black one is Dixie Rose, and the brown one, Holly Ann. I’ve had them since they were puppies. When I first got them, I could hold them both in the palm of my hand.

Over the years, the most frustrating thing about having them is, knowing they can’t […]