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Posted in Celebrities, on May 9th, 2013

American Idol in Trouble – Show May Not Be On Next Season

american-idol-jumped-the-sharkAmerican Idol Has Definitely “Jumped the Shark”

Don’t be surprised if there is no American Idol for the 2014 season. The show has been declining all season. In fact, this decline began before this season ever started. The feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj did not help the situation. The show started its decline long before the two rivals were named as judges. Randy Jackson, the comic figure in the show this season, has to know something that the public doesn’t. Obviously, the format of the show has long worn out its welcome, and Randy can see exactly what is happening.

American Idol hit its all time high at the end of Season 5, when Taylor Hicks edged out Katherine McPhee. In fact, many still believe that the finale of Season 5 was one of the greatest television shows ever, and rightly so. Now, this is a tough act to follow. The show has never been the same since. After Season 5, the show Jumped the Shark.

I thought when Mariah Carey was to become one of the judges, the show’s ratings would get a tremendous boost. Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj prevented that from happening. Mariah is a popular entertainer, and a real sweetheart. It’s very unfortunate that she is now associated with a, soon-to-be, disaster. Thanks to Nicki Minaj, Mariah will always be remembered in a negative way, due to her association with a show that was starting to decline before she ever appeared. I guess you can say that Nicki is living proof of the “bad apple” theory.

Last night’s show was a travesty. The judges have been the center of the show’s controversy long before this season began. All season long, the judges have been promoting Candice Glover. It’s as if they want her to be the next American Idol, and possibly, the final American Idol. In fact, if the show makes a recovery, which I doubt, maybe the name of the show should be changed to “The Candice Glover Award”. As far as these four comical characters are concerned, poor little Candice can do no wrong. Granted, she is good, and very good, but she is not that that much better than the other two, Kree and Angie. The best candidate this year was definitely Angie, and she is now gone. In case you are not aware, the judges picked the songs for the contestants to sing last night. Supposedly, they were to choose the songs that would be in the best interest of the candidates. However, I think this worked both ways last night. It seems obvious to me that some of the songs were chosen to also make the candidate look bad. I definitely believe this was the case with Angie. For example, earlier this season, the judges made a comment about her needing to break away from the piano during her performances. And then, out of the clear blue, they picked a song for her that was written for the piano. Angie was criticized by Jimmy Lovine for not playing the piano during her performance, and breaking out of her comfort zone. In contrast, after her stunning performances last night, the judges congratulated her for actually breaking out of her comfort zone and not sitting at the piano. To me, this has all of the marks of a set-up.

Tonight, Angie has to exit, while Candice and Kree are still alive and well. Supposedly, the finalists are the results of the American people who vote on their favorites. I have reservations about this. Something is very fishy here. But, the four characters will not be back next year. I suppose they had to make their mark before their exit.

Finally, it makes no difference to me, one way or another, who the next American Idol will be. I just call it the way I see it. This is merely my opinion. What I see is an American public who see the show as being in a tremendous rut. The format of American has long gotten old, and the viewers are fed up with it. In order for this show to survive, some major changes have to be made. I don’t mean just changing the judges. The entire format of the show has to change. The producers of this, once popular, show need to put the creative juices into action. The  alternative is, there won’t be an American Idol in 2014.

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