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Posted in Odd, Strange & Funny, on March 18th, 2014

People Don’t Want to Talk to You – Is This Good Business?

businessEarlier today, I was browsing the internet. I needed to have something repaired that I purchased about 15 years ago.

I stumbled across five websites that could handle this for me. Four of the websites had no link where I could contact them. The other had a link that took me over five minutes to find. When I finally found it, I was directed to a page that had nothing to do with contacting the Company.

Is This Good Business?

It seems like the bigger a business becomes, the less they want to talk to you. Lately, I have been running into the same problem when trying to deal with a small business. Perhaps the small businesses are trying to duplicate what the successful and much larger businesses are doing, which is:

Refusing to Talk to Anyone

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