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Posted in Celebrities, on June 12th, 2015

I received threatening phone call from CBS

julie-chenYou’d think that a big organization like CBS would have more important things to do than to bother someone like me. It’s no wonder their ratings are below those of ABC. Am I that important to them? I must be. Wow! I’m flattered.

This all began after the last article about stopping the racial war in this country. I said it in the article, and I’ll say it again. Until the media keeps their mouths shut, and stop stirring up s__t, the racial war will never end. But CBS apparently saw something in the article they didn’t like.

Their issue was not with the article itself. It was with the picture that was posted. This picture was a segment from The Talk, with Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, and Sheryl Underwood.

The CBS representative had two questions for me. First, she (and it was a woman) wanted to know why I posted this particular picture. My answer to this question was, “That’s my concern.” Now, I’ll give the correct answer. I posted this particular picture because Julie Chen is one of the women in the picture. What I’m about to say now was not said in the article. Julie Chen is one of the main people in the medial who can’t keep her damn mouth shut about the racial war. I thought the picture would add a little mystery, but thanks to CBS, the mystery is gone.

But I don’t take this personal. I’m just a journalist, trying to get some creative juices flowing. I still like Julie. If I were to meet her, I would tell her what lovely legs she has.

Second, the CBS rep wanted to know where I got the picture. Someone at CBS ran a Google image search, and the picture did not show up anywhere. My response to her question was, “I’ll never tell.” She pushed it further and I finally said to her, “For all you know, I was in the audience with a camera.”

End of phone call.

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