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Posted in Entertainment, on February 22nd, 2017

The difference between a professional athlete and entertainer

entertainerWhen I say professional athlete, I mean someone like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or LeBron James.

By professional entertainer, I mean, a movie star, TV personality, singer, dancer, and so on.

What’s the difference between the entertainer and athlete?

It’s very simple. You sometimes see athletes at their worst. But you don’t see entertainers at their worst. At least, you don’t think you do.

When you see LeBron when he can’t buy a basket, or when you saw Peyton spend a Sunday afternoon on his ass, you knew you were seeing these athletes at their worst.

When you see Taylor Swift performing on the stage, you automatically assume you’re seeing her at her best.

Here’s the contradiction. When you see performers, movie stars and TV actors, you automatically assume they’re at their best. In reality, the entertainer may go back stage afterwords and say, “I wasn’t worth a shit today!” You’d never know it from an entertainer. If an athlete said the same thing, you’d already know it.

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