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Posted in Shopping, on November 19th, 2015

Want a Drone this Christmas? You’re like millions of people

As a result of the reduced prices, increased interest by the kids and a major increase in the capabilities, the Drone is expected to be the most popular gift for the Holiday Season.

Kids love to fly them, both indoors and outdoors. They are very functional, and very versatile. Some people fly drones for fun and recreation, and others use it for surveying. Whatever the use, it’s the perfect gift for Christmas, 2015.

How did Drones become so popular, so fast?

The reason is the development of three technological advancements that happened all at once, and drastically lowered the prices of drones:

  1. The LiPo battery: This type of battery can store large capacities in small sized packs. Unlike other types of batteries, they release storage energy quickly, without any damage.
  2. The brushless motor: This type of motor reached a far higher electric conversion efficiency than the types of motors used in the past.
  3. Stabilization and GPS technology: Until recently, the technology for aircraft direction was more adapted to large aircraft. Now, it has become compact and small enough to be used in small aircraft.

These three advancements resulted in a reduction of manufacturing costs. Until about ten years ago, this kind of technology was used only for military, commercial, business and private use, because of the high costs.

For these reasons, the technology for drones became much less expensive over a shorter period of time. This is why drones are very easy to operate.

Now everybody wants a drone, and rightly so. It’s a great item. For someone who’s never flown a drone before, there are some drones out there for beginners.


These little drones fit in your hand, and can be flown indoors or outdoors. These drones have the capabilities of flying forward, backward, up, down, left, right, sideways, and they can do flips. They’ll entertain everyone from kids to adults for many hours.

Some mini drones have more capabilities than others.

Original-Cheerson-CX-10C-6-Axis-Gyro-RTF-Mini-Drone-0.3MP-Camera-BlackHubsan-X4-H107C-4-Channel-RC-Quad-Copte- with-Camera

These little guys can do everything the ones above can do, with one added feature. They include a camera, allowing you to take overhead pictures and videos. This is awesome!

There are Drones, and there are Serious Drones

Most of the people who have a drone wanted it because it was something new. These are the people who love advances in technology. Some people use them for functional purposes, such as aerial mapping, surveying, crop inspection, and many other purposes.

If you enjoy technology, engineering, pursuits into the unknown, inventing. expanding your overall knowledge, or just plain adventure, get your loved one to give you a drone this Christmas. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for this year.

Serious Drones

DJI-Phantom-3-Quadcopter-4K-UHD-Video-Camera-DroneSyma-X5C-Explorers-4CH-6-Axis-Gyro-RC-Quadcopter-With-HD-CameraLatest-UDI-818A-HD-+-RC-Quadcopter-Drone-with-HD-CameraJJRC-H8D-FPV-Headless-Mode-6-Axis-Gyro-RTF-RC-Quadcopter-Helicopter-DroneSyma-X5SW-4-Channel-Remote-Controlled-Quadcopter-with-HD-CameraHoly Stone-RC-Quadcopter-Drone-with-HD-Camera

More Drones

Holy-Stone-F180c-Holy-Stone-Mini-RC-Quadcopter-with-720P-CameraHB-HOMEBOAT-U818S-WIFI818-6-Axis-Gyroscope-RC-QuadcopterRC-Stunt-Drone-Quadcopter-w-360-Flip-Crash-ProofCheerwing-Syma-X5SW FPV-Explorers2-4CH-6-Axis-Gyro-RC-Headless-DroneCheerson-CXHOBBY-CX-20-Professional-4CH-6-Auto-pathfinder-RC-QuadcopterHubsan-X4-H107C-4CH-RC-Quadcopter-With-HD-2-MP-Camera-RTFDJI-Inspire-1-Production-Bundle-By-Drones-Made-Easy-Dual-OperatorDJI-Phantom-3-Advanced-Quadcopter-Drone-with-1080p-HD-Video-CameraAKASO-X5C-4CH-6-Axis-RC-Quadcopter-HD Camera-Gyro-360-degree-DroneParrot-AR-Drone-Quadricopter-Elite-Edition-720pLANDVO-Upgrade-Combo-JJRC-H8D-6-Axis-Gyro-FPV-Monitor-RC-QuadcopterDJI-Phantom-3-Professional-Pro-4K-UHD-Video-Camera-EVERYTHING-YOU-NEED-KitCheerson-CX-10-Mini-29mm-4CH-6-Axis-Gyro-LED-RC-Quadcopter-Bright-OrangePotensic-Syma-X5C-1-Quad-Upgraded-Version-Quadcopter-Special-CamouflageParrot-Bebop-Quadcopter-Drone-BlueHubsan-X4-H107L-4-Channel-RC-Quadcopter-BlackEi-Hi-S333-Mini-Gallop-Drone-The-Worlds-Smallest-HexcopterHoly-Stone-Quadcopter-0.3MP-Camera-Phantoms-perfect-trainer-6D-Gyro-4.5 ChHoly-Stone-UFO-RC-Quadcopter-with-Camera-two-Modes-Sport-IndoorJJRC-V686-FPV-Drone-4CH-FPV-RC-Quadcopter-With-Camera

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