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Posted in The Country, on March 5th, 2014

Is Biker, Edwin Mieses, Telling the Truth?

Ten Bikers Could Get 25 Years

A gang of bikes terrorized a family in a Range Rover on a New York City highway. Edwin Mieses was with them. He also claimed that he was not part of the brutal plot to terrorize the family.

Edwin Mieses was run over by the driver of the Range Rover. The driver was, no doubt, trying to protect himself and his family. This left Mieses paralyzed, and in question as to whether or not he will ever walk again. Ten bikers may face 25 years in prison. The driver of the SUV has not been arrested. Is it against the law to protect yourself?

Was Edwin Mieses Telling the Truth?

When Mieses heard about the ride, he went to join them, and then the incident occurred. Now that the incident is over, and Mieses is left in pretty bad shape, he claims he had nothing to do with the incident. But, he was with them. Does this account for anything?

Maybe he was not part of the incident, as he claims. But he was with them. Could he have stopped it before it happened? Who knows? I just can’t see him getting off with just a slap on the wrist, although this would be a moral victory for Mieses and his famed attorney, Gloria Allred.

I can understand exactly why Mieses is claiming his innocence. If you ever visit a prison, and talk to 50 inmates, 49 will tell you they are innocent.

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