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Posted in Politics, on September 25th, 2014

Eric Holder, King of the Jack Asses, steps down


Well, what do you know? There’s hope for the country yet.

Eric Holder almost destroyed the Justice Department

I must admit, I am no fan of Eric Holder. I don’t hate the man, like so many. I don’t even have a problem with racism.

I do have a problem with what the Justice Department has become under his leadership. Nowadays, a man, black or white, will be sentenced to Federal Prison for violations that should be small misdemeanors.

Eric Holder likes snitches

Let’s take an example. If you have a conversation with someone you have never met, and this person is subsequently indicted for a serious crime, then you’d better not let anyone know about it. Your conversation may be unrelated to the crime. You may just address him with a friendly “How do you do.” However, if the Justice Department finds out you talked with him, they can swear that you had knowledge of the crime. In this case, you will be facing prison time as well. Even though you had no knowledge of the crime, they can get you for not turning the guy in.

This is true. I have heard many horror stories of this nature.

If I may offer an opinion of Eric Holder’s philosophy, I have to say it is:

“When in doubt, punish the guy.”

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