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Posted in The Country, on February 22nd, 2017

Federal Government blew my mind when I was a kid

governmentOne thing that haunted me over and over again when I was a kid was this concept known as the Government.

I’m not complaining about our government. I’m only questioning why it’s called, Government. The terminology at the Federal level makes no sense at all.

Federal Government (???) and State Government

I’ve always been perfectly OK with the authoritative body of each of the States being referred to as the Government. Think about it. The leader of a State is, the Governor. In all States, the Governor is the head of the Government. This makes perfectly good sense. The title of the head man implies this.

Governor >>>>>>> Government

Then, I started thinking. Why is the Federal authoritative body called the Government. The head man is not the Governor. He’s the President. Why isn’t it called the Presiment?

President >>>>>>> Presiment

At first, I thought this was my fourth grade teacher’s way of trying to deliberately pissing me off.

Finally, I just came to terms with it, accepted it and said,

Screw IT !



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