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Posted in The World, on March 25th, 2015

Homosexual Priest becomes Archbishop

How the Catholic Church Deals with Gay Priests

homosexual-priestsIt’s very simple. The Bishop just sends the priest on a long trip. This long trip is called a sabbatical. This is the fancy term that the Catholic Church uses. Other descriptions for a sabbatical are, furlough, leave of absence, time off and break. To simplify matters, the Bishop sends the priest away, on one condition. He never comes back. The result is – problem solved.

This is not speculation. All of this is true. This is the way the Catholic Church deals with homosexual priests – SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG. Is this disgusting? You bet it is. I don’t think Pope Francis knows what’s going on in the Western Hemisphere. I do think Pope John Paul II knew, but he didn’t care. As long as he was in front of a camera, he was happy.

How a Southern Diocese Dealt with Two Homosexual Priests

This particular diocese, which shall remain nameless, dealt with two homosexual priests very differently.

The first priest was caught visiting mental hospitals, and taking advantage of vulnerable male patients. He was also caught in the act of molesting male members of his church many times. His victims were either naive people, or children. He was an elderly man, who was on the brink of retirement. The diocese just sent him to another town in the State where the diocese is located, for an early retirement. The priest has never been seen or heard from since.

The second priest was dealt with in a little more dramatic fashion, but discretely. This was a younger man who showed potential. The diocese, however, wanted to get his rear end out of town in order to avoid any embarrassment which may have occurred. Therefore, they sent him to another country as a missionary.

Eventually, this younger priest became an Archbishop, but no one knows what diocese he represents. It could be anywhere is the world. His title may even be bogus. He’s like a king without a country. He does, however, return home once a year, and is a frequent guest on a local radio talk show.

The first priest was shipped away to rot. The second priest was sent away to prosper. If you think this makes me happy and overjoyed, you’re wrong. I don’t like the way the Catholic Church handles this any more than the next person. But let’s be realistic. In a profession that forbids sex and marriage, it is more likely to attract fruit cakes.

This is how the Catholic Church handled these two homosexual priests. Go figure.

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