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Posted in Celebrities, on February 10th, 2014

Judge Judy Knows the Difference Between a Liar and a Snitch

judge-judyI was watching Judge Judy earlier today. There was a case in which two women were going at it against each other. The plaintiff was accompanied by her husband, and likewise, the defendant was accompanied by her husband. Finally, the defendant’s husband was the sister of the plaintiff.

It was a ridiculous lawsuit. The defendant was in financial trouble, and needed $1,100 to pay a vet to save her pet cat’s life. The plaintiff, being family, game the money to the defendant, six months ago, out of the goodness of her heart. She originally had no intention of the defendant paying her back. But then, something happened to pis the plaintiff off, and she changed her mind and filed a claim for the $1,100. Eventually, Judge Judy said, NO.

What Ticked the Plaintiff Off

The defendant’s husband found out that the plaintiff’s husband was stepping out on their marriage. Like a first class idiot, he called his sister, the plaintiff, and told her about it. This pissed her off, and triggered the lawsuit.

When Judge Judy, in a tactful way, asked him why he had to open his big fat mouth, his response was, “I cannot tell a lie.” What a sorry piece of s__t!

Snitch – Worse than a Liar – Judge Judy Thinks So

The defendant’s husband was never questioned about his knowledge of the affair of the plaintiff’s husband. He just volunteered the information. It seems that he should have kept his damn mouth shut. Judge Judy raked him over the coals.

If someone knows something, but does not say anything, he is not a LIAR, BUT

If someone knows something, and runs his damn mouth about it, he is worse than a liar He is a first class, no good, SNITCH.


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