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Posted in Odd, Strange & Funny, on January 4th, 2016

Men like women with curves. What do women think?

women-with-curvesSome women won’t let themselves go, just because that’s what guys supposedly want. But these women know that’s not really what guys want. To these women, guys just want the ass and tits.

Other women believe guys don’t want a fat slob, but a curvy girl with a big ass. In this case, that ass is nothing but fat. Surprise!

Some women are insulted by this, and believe this is as bad as criticizing and insulting women for being fat.

Let’s turn the tables. Should women want a man with curves, or a guy who is in perfect physical condition? Is this a double standard?

Men and women shouldn’t want the same shape from each other. If a man has broad shoulders, and is athletically built, does this mean he desires a woman who looks like an linebacker in the NFL? It’s not a double standard. It’s a fact of nature.

Some women believe that men let themselves go, but are not ridiculed about it like women supposedly are.

Still, the majority of women would say they want to stay skinny, and they don’t care what the man likes. Their bodies should be something they’re comfortable with. With this, they want to be happy and confident in themselves. Finally, their feeling is, if men want something else, SCREW THEM!

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