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A Message From Charlie – Owner of Merjeo

charlie-imageHello, my friends.

I created Merjeo a little over a year ago, and have loved every minute of it.

I love to send funny stuff to my family and friends. After a while, that got to be too much. Instead of sending funny videos, articles, and what not to over a hundred people every day, I decided to post them to one web site, so everyone can see them. And here it is – Merjeo.

By the way, here is a picture of me on the right. This is not exactly the way I look, but I had to do something to make my identity a little mysterious.

Purpose of Merjeo

What I have been trying to do is make Merjeo a place where people can go and read about some interesting and funny stuff. It is sort of a way to just get away from it all, prop your feet up and just relax for a while.

I like posting stuff that others would like to post, but do not have the time, patience or the nerve to post.

History of Merjeo

Even though Merjeo is a little over a year old, there is some history to it. In fact, this is how I came up with the name.

About ten years ago, I was running a successful business. I eventually left the business because I wanted to explore other avenues. One of my clients was another business owner. He and I would spend hours talking to each other about coming up with unusual, but promising ideas. The problem was, we never followed through with any. There was one idea that stuck with me, and one that I was not going to let go to waste. The idea was, a night club for teens. What we had in mind was a real night club that operated like a regular night club in every way except one, which was, not serving alcohol. Well, we kicked around a thousand names and finally came up with one – Mergeo’s. The original spelling was with a “g”, but I like it better with a “j”. Another idea we had about our teen night club was to have the palm trees as the logo. My client wanted a silhouette of a boy and girl. Well, I went to work on designing a logo for Mergeo’s. And to no surprise, like many of our other ideas, this one just died. But the name, Mergeo’s stuck with me for the next eight years. I was determined to do something with it, because this was too good a name to just toss away.

Well, what you see now is the beginning of what I want to do with Merjeo. I am now ready to move ahead with it at full speed.

Response to Merjeo

I have been contacted by many people who have seen Merjeo. Many of these have been friends. Also, a good many of them have been professional marketing people who love to express their opinions. And every opinion is important. Every one who has contacted me has said that Merjeo is unique, and like no other site they have ever seen. To a certain extent, this is true. If there is something to put on a website, and you don’t know where to put it, it will always fit on Merjeo.

Our New Product Launch

Usually when you hear that there is going to be a new product launch, your first reaction is, “Oh no! Here it comes!”

First, I will give you an estimate of the launch date. This is the best I can do for now. Then, I will tell you the product that is to be launched.

The launch date will be within the next two months. And don’t worry. This is not going to be a product on how to get rich quick. It has nothing to do with making money. It is not a digital product – one that you have to download. It is a physical product. It is one you can see, touch, feel, hold in your hand and even wear. It is something that many people have requested.

Now that you know the approximate launch date, I will tell you the product that is to be launched. Many people who have visited Merjeo become fascinated with the name and the logo. They seem to like the palm trees and the setting sun. Believe me, this was no easy task. It took me over a year to design this logo. The first logo I designed would have looked better on a soft drink bottle. I would show it to you,l but Merjeo is funny enough. I finally came up with the present logo, but not until I got the approval of my closest adviser, who happens to be my little sister. Many people have asked me if I can put it on a T-shirt. And this is exactly what I intend to do.


The Merjeo T-shirts will be available soon. Let me give you a little pre-launch scoop. These will not be Fruit of the Loom, Hanes or Jerzee T-shirts with the Merjeo logo on them. They will be genuine Merjeo T-shirts, made by Merjeo. It is also my intention to have the logo stitched on, rather than ironed on. No question, these will be quality T-shirts.

paul-harveyWe don’t know what the response will be to these T-shirts. We can tell you, however, that if successful, you will see Merjeo hats, sport shirts and handbags in the future.

Nothing would thrill me more than seeing Tiger Woods’ or Rory McIlroy’s caddies on TV carrying their clubs in a Merjeo golf bag. That day is coming.

In a few days, you will see a picture of how these T-shirts will look. Come back. You will not want to miss this.

So, now you know the whole story, or as the late, great, Paul Harvey would say, “The Rest of the Story.”

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