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Posted in The Country, on July 25th, 2013

Miss Ali – Double Personality – Double Standard

Shahrazad Ali, known as, Miss Ali seems to be a fairly nice lady. However, there is one area that obviously touches a nerve with her. When it comes to black and white relations, and racism, the lady turns into an animal. I guess you can say that she has a double personality.

She has definitely generated some very interesting publicity over the past week from her comments on Dr. Drew on Call, the controversial talk show on HLN. Her hatred of white people is obvious.

Face it. We are living in a world of double standards. Paula Deen just mentions that she probably said something insulting to a man who held a gun to her head, 30 years ago, and practically the entire country, black and white, turns on her like a snake. Miss Ali freely expresses her hatred of white people, and no one cares. The end result is, it’s all right for blacks to insult whites, but it is not all right for whites to insult blacks.

Blacks don’t want equality with whites. They want to be better. This racial war is too one-sided. Fortunately, for the whole country, but unfortunately for the blacks, this racial war will end one day, and the end is not going to be pretty. The blacks need to quit while they are ahead. If they don’t, it will cost them dearly. I have a good idea of what will happen in the future. I’ll post it later this week. What I think is going to happen will probably not occur in any of our lifetimes.

You will need to read this post that will be published in a few days. What is likely to happen will shock you.

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