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Posted in Sports, on December 26th, 2013

Will Nick Saban Be the Next Texas Longhorns Coach?

nick-sabanA few weeks ago, the talk was that the Texas Longhorns were going after Nick Saban, the elite head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Very interesting is the fact that, Texas has not yet named a new coach. Is Saban still in the running? Are they waiting until the Sugar Bowl is over? Don’t be surprised if this is the case.

Think about this for a moment. Auburn is Alabama’s arch rival. Many Auburn fans would love to see Nick Saban leave Alabama. But this is not a very intelligent point-of -view. Since Saban has been the head coach at Alabama, Auburn has won a National Championship, and is about to win another. If Nick Saban’s defense, which is the best in the Country, could not stop Auburn’s running attack, Florida State will not be able to stop it.

When you compete with the best, you become the best. There is no denying that Saban is the best football coach in the Country. Auburn fans should want Nick Saban to stay right where he is, which is, at the Capstone.

Nick Saban is the best thing that has ever happened to Auburn. Auburn needs Nick Saban.

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