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Posted in The Country, on September 28th, 2014

People can say “YES”, but can they say “NO”?

Too Many “Yes-Men”

yes-noEverybody can say the word yes. They can say it, whether they mean it of not. In most cases, they don’t mean it.

Ask someone if they will be coming to a party at your house. They’ll say, “Yes” but won’t show up.

Yes is an easy word to say. No is not so easy to say. Why can’t people ever say no? Are they afraid of hurting someone’s feelings? Screw their feelings. If a person says “No”, at least they are being honest.

The law that was passed in California, Yes Means Yes, should be, No Means No. It’s no wonder so many people are dishonest. The legislatures make them that way.

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