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Posted in Odd, Strange & Funny, on December 24th, 2013

Phil Robertson Just Acknowledges Freedom of Choice

phil-robertsonIf someone is going to be criticized for being what they are, such as, Black, Italian, Hispanic, Asian American, etc., then the whole world has every right to bitch about it. If someone is of a certain nationality, they did not ask to be what they are. Don’t criticize someone for being what they were at birth.

If you’re Black, you should be proud. If you’re Italilan, Hispanic, Indian, or whatever your origin, you should also be proud. In this context, people had no choice for being what they are, and they should not be criticized for it. Furthermore, when the whole world is upset because some horse’s rear-end makes a asinine statement about someone’s heritage, then they should be cut down to size for running their big mouth.

With gay’s, the situation is quite different. No one in their right mind can claim that a person is born gay. Gay’s interact with many people – men and women. It’s like selecting something from the menu at a restaurant. If you select a dish that makes you sick in your stomach, it’s no one’s fault but your own. Don’t blame anyone for it. Live with your mistake, take some Pepto Bismol, and make a better choice next time. If a man wants to be a lover with another man, this is his choice.

And if any bleeding heart liberal says, “Well, they have no choice!”, then he, or she is just as crazy. The way I see it, God created men, and he created women. The standard is, men love women and women love men. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like this arrangement. It has always worked fine for me. Unfortunately, you have some twisted individuals who take it upon themselves, through their own freedom of choice, to screw up this arrangement. Then, when someone offers their opinion about someone making a stupid decision, many of them bitch about it.

Some of them won’t say a word. If they do, this means that they have to come out of the closet.

Way to Go Phil. I Support You All the Way.

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