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Posted in The World, on March 13th, 2013

Pope Francis spurs hundreds of domain name registrations

Can you just imagine how things would have been if the Internet and GoDaddy had been around in 1958, when Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, better known as, Pope John XXIII was elected to rule the Catholic Church? During his reign, GoDaddy would have become the largest Company in the world. There would have been hundreds of domain names registered. Some of them would have been, “”, “”, “”, “”,”, “”, etc. The list is endless. The two most awesome words, put together, are, “IfOnly”. Or, better yet, “”. Actually, while writing this post, I took the liberty of researching the domains listed. Three of the above names are actually in existence. If you are reading this post, and are interested, maybe you will want to check and see if they were registered today. I would, but I’d rather spend the time writing some more crazy stuff. But I am not crazy. I am CRAZY LIKE A FOX.
Source: cnet

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