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Posted in The Country, on March 5th, 2014

Rachel Canning Sueing Parents For Tuition

This lawsuit has some National TV personalities outraged. People like Matt Lauer, Gayle King and Nancy Grace seem to be taking sides with the parents.

I can understand why the parents feel they don’t have to pay for Rachel Canning’s college tuition. But the high school tuition is a different matter. If she attended a Catholic High School, chances are, the choice of this school was that of the parents. I can speak from personal experience.

I attended a Catholic High School. Years ago, when I was about to attend high school, my parents make the school I would attend very clear to me. I had no choice. I was not happy with their choice, but had to make the best of it. I’m not saying that Rachel Canning’s parents made this choice for her, but I would be surprised otherwise.

Parents and Kids Owe Each Other

This is true. The kids owe the parents respect. But this is not a respect issue. This issue is about money. Rachel Canning claims that her parents threw her out of the house when she was 18, and the parents deny it. Whether this is true or not, this case is not about respect. It is about basic necessities, and parents providing for their children.

On the other side, parents own their children the basic necessities in life. High school is a basic necessity, especially if the parents decide where the kid is going to attend high school.

Children own their parents respect. Parents owe their children everything else. After all, children do not ask to come into this world. The parents make this decision. When making a decision like this, to bring a child into the world, the parents should follow through.

If parents don’t think they are getting the respect they should be getting, they should deal with it in private, not in a courtroom.

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