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Posted in The Country, on April 17th, 2013

Regions Bank messed up ! They should be embarrassed !

regions-bankDuring this past weekend, customers of Regions Bank were unable to access their account information because the bank’s web site would not download. According to a Regions Bank spokesman, “. . .it was under cyber attack, and its website and online banking had been compromised.” Now, if you believe this, then I would try to sell you some beachfront property in North Dakota, if I had some. This is a classic case of fixing a problem, such as, stepping in fifty pounds of cow manure. The next thing the bank will probably do is blame the Chinese or the Koreans for their own foul up. Hell, every one else is blaming them.

The truth of the matter, according to the Birmingham Business Journal, is that the bank’s domain name expired over the weekend, and was not renewed until Monday morning. The head of Region Bank’s eBusiness division released a video, and apologized to the bank’s customers. In that video, he explained that it will take some time for the domain to download, because it “takes time for the computer servers around the world to be updated.”  Now, I have had many domains over the last few years, and have forgotten to renew a domain name twice. Both times, when I renewed them, they were up and running within 20 seconds. Make that, 100 pounds of cow manure. In any event, I recommend that you watch this video. When you watch it, you will notice that only half of the spokesman’s face is visible.

I certainly hope that Regions Bank does not forget to pay their employees next payday. Of course, this is not as serious as the mistake that was made over the weekend. If the bank did not have customers, they would have no employees. Businesses that are suddenly as big as Regions Bank must remember that The Customer Always Comes First.

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