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Posted in Sports, on January 20th, 2014

Richard Sherman, Act Like You’ve Been There Before

What makes a real champion?

richard-shermanA lot of it has to do with the way an athlete handles himself with the media. Take Tiger Woods, for example. Tiger has had his troubles recently, but he is still a champion, and always will be, because the man conducts himself with class when confronted by the media. Tiger can walk away from the game of golf today, and he will always be a champion.

Is Richard Sherman a champion?

No he is not, and Peyton Manning will prove it on February 2. A real championship not only knows how to handle himself with class on the field of play. He also handles himself as a professional off the field. Richard Sherman did not do this on or off the field. Recall that Richard was the one who instigated the whole drama, by getting into Michael Crabtree’s face after breaking up the pass that would have won the game for the 49ers.


A true champion should whip his opponent’s butt on the field, and then congratulate him for a good effort.

On February 2, will he trash talk Peyton Manning after Peyton picks him apart? I doubt it. He will be so humbled, that you will thing that someone broke into his piggy bank.

The last time I experienced such a display like the one involving Richard Sherman and Erin Andrews, it was in Rocky III. When I watched the interview yesterday, I could have closed my eyes, and thought that was Mr. T trash talking Rocky. This is the movies, but the NFC Championship game was real life.

Richard Sherman will see Michael Crabtree Again

Trash talking your opponent is not a very good idea, especially when your opponent plays for a division rival, and wants to kick your butt at least twice each season. Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree will meet again. Michael will probably be more than happy to return Richard’s kind-hearted favor.

The difference between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers is simple. The 49ers will be back next year playing for a Super Bowl appearance. The Seahawks will be back, probably in about 9 years.

Enjoy the moment Richard, because if Peyton has his way, it may come to an end very soon.

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