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Posted in Sports, on February 3rd, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Sucked but the Commercials were Good

Super Bowl XLVIII was Not as Good as the Commercials

super-bowl-commercialsUsually when I watch an ordinary football game on television, I have some refreshments. Pizza, wings and beer is what I like to have when watching a football game. I always keep a 12-pack on hand for the game. This means that I occasionally have to go take a leak during the game. I usually wait until the commercials come on, and then go take care of my business, so I won’t miss any of the game.

Every time I watch the Super Bowl, I try to work my business in the short, 20 second spot, when Fox is advertising the show that will be shown after the Super Bowl. This usually gives me a little time to take care of business, and I don’t miss the commercials.

Super Bowl XLVIII, however, was so bad, that I changed my habit. Both the game and the commercials are usually good, but not this year.

The Super Bowl commercials this year were much better than the game. I spent more time in the bathroom than I did in front of the television watching the game. In fact, the game was so bad, that it made me want to do some other things in the bathroom, like puke, and take a dump.

The Super Bowl commercials, as usual, were great. However, the game was terrible. For Super Bowl XLVIII, my pattern changed. Since the game was so bad, it did not bother me one bit to miss some of this crap. But, I certainly did not want to miss any of the commercials, because they were the only thing that probably saved Fox’s ratings for the game.

I waited until the commercials ended, and the game resumed, and then I went to take a pis.

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