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Posted in The Country, on February 1st, 2014

On Texting, Florida No Longer Says, “Don’t Text and Drive”

Texting in Florida. It will get you killed by a trigger happy former cop.

After the fatal shooting in the Florida movie theater, it seems like texting will get you killed in the State of Florida. This is not right, and this is not the way it should be. Like all people across the country, this made me very angry. I don’t usually express my opinion like this for a news story, but that ex-cop was definitely out of line.

After that senseless, and disgusting fatal shooting in the Florida movie theater by the retired police officer, a woman’s life was completely shattered. There was no reason for this. I really feel for the woman, because I know what it is like to lose your soul-mate. I lost mine three years ago.

The State of Florida should punish this has-been cop to the max. He made two mistakes. First, he killed an innocent man for no reason. Second, he did not mind his own damn business.

I’m surprised the State of Florida has not changed their laws on texting.

Instead of saying

Don’t Text and Drive

Why don’t they say

Test and Die ?

This sucks.

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