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Posted in The World, on July 16th, 2013

The Catholic Church Has A New Patron Saint – St. John Paul II

john-paul-iiLast week, the Catholic Church decided to declare the late Pope John Paul II as a Saint. This makes sense. Face it, the man was at his best when he was in front of a camera. This is because this is where he felt at home.

The gay community is especially happy about the Catholic Church’s decision. During his reign as Pope, many American priests got their rocks off by molesting little boys. Pope John Paul II was very understanding about this. In fact, he was so understanding, that his policy was, “It’s OK. Let the American priests have their fun.”

Many Saints in the Catholic Church are patron Saints about something. St. Jude is the patron Saint of hopeless situations. St. Anthony is the patron Saint of things that are lost. There are many others. St. John Paul II will be the patron Saint of QUEERS and PERVERTS.

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