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What happens to Pope Benedict Now?

Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation almost three weeks ago make history. In our era, it marked the first time that a Pope has ever resigned. Naturally, it raised several questions. Here are some of the possible questions people might be asking:

  • Is he still “A Pope”, even though he is not “The Pope”?
  • Will he still be called “Holy Father”?
  • Is he still considered the successor of St. Peter?
  • Does he still get to wear his white Pope suit?
  • Will he wear black penny loafers instead of his Gucci red leather shoes?
  • Will the nuns in the Vatican still wait on him hand and foot?
  • When the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests run into him, will they still have to genuflect?
  • If a lay person ever meets him, will they have to kiss his hand?
  • Will he be offered the same luxuries as ex-presidents?
  • Will the Catholic Church set up a retirement home for ex-Popes? No, that will never work because he will be the only one living there.
  • Will he act as an advisor to the new Pope, Pope Francis?
  • When he dies, will he be laid to rest with all of the other Popes who have departed?
  • Will he take up golf?
  • If he hears someone’s confession, and they don’t recognize him, will he pray that God sends that person to hell?
  • Will he be a guest on the Tonight Show?

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Source: The Telegraph

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