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Posted in Celebrities, on March 20th, 2013

Why Jay Leno had Become a Grumpy Old Fart

Jay Leno reminds me of Andy Griffith, after Don Knotts (a.k.a. Barney Fife) left the Andy Griffith show – Grumpy as Hell – Mad at the World. And Jay does not even have someone like Barney to blame. Ever since it was released about the possibility of NBC replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, Leno has been an animal. Fallon will not last as long as Leno. And Leno did the impossible, which is, successfully replacie a legend like Johnny Carson. This is something no ordinary person could have done. So why does NBC want to replace him? Because off the stage, everyone thinks Leno is a backstabber. But the ratings speak for themselves. If NBC wants to replace him, it’s their bed. They just better be ready to lie in it.
Source: BuzzFeed

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