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Posted in The World, on March 23rd, 2013

Woman dies, then COMES BACK TO LIFE

Every once in a while, you hear stories about patients who have died, and have come back to life. The stories your hear about their out-of-body experiences are truly amazing. The most brilliant man related to this subject is Dr. Raymond Moody Jr., M.D., PhD. Dr. Moody describes death of patients who have come back to life as “clinically dead”, which means, “almost dead”. However there is a problem with this. If a woman is expecting a baby, is she “almost pregnant”? If former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis had hit the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady so hard that he broke his leg, would Brady’s leg have been “almost broken”? When you have a bowel movement, does it “almost stink”? Face it. You’re either dead or not dead. This almost crap doesn’t cut it.
Source: BBC
If you want to know more about these out-of-body experiences, visit Dr’ Moody’s web site.

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