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Posted in Odd, Strange & Funny, on August 6th, 2014

You Can’t Fight Ignorace, Or A Know It All

Some people refuse to admit that they do not know something. The three words these people have never said, are, I Don’t Know.

People like I just described will engage in conversations with other people, and disagree with everything said to them. There can be a number reason why they do this:

  • They could feel the need to think they are bigger than they really are.
  • They love to make someone else look smaller than they are, and feel the need to humiliate them.
  • They are too embarrassed to say those three words, I Don’t Know.
  • They feel the need to flaunt their knowledge to others, in spite of the fact that they have very little.
  • They feel the need to undermine the knowledge of others, in spite of the fact that others have a lot.
  • They are just, point blank, CRAZY AS HELL

And, there is one more reason, and this is my choice.

They are just FLAT ASS IGNORANT.

Ignorant people think they know everything, while in reality, they know nothing. Whatever you can do very well, they can do better. If you tell them about something you love, they will tell you they hate it.

Don’t try to fight ignorance. Don’t try to challenge a know it all. You will be fighting a losing battle.

A True Story of Ignorance and a Know It All

You may not believe it, but what I am about to tell you really happened.

I have an old acquaintance from the old days of growing up in the Italian Neighborhood on the West Side of Birmingham. Notice I said, acquaintance and not friend. The particular idiot I am about to describe to you has no friends, although he thinks the whole world is his friend.

Before I tell this story, I have to tell you about a hobby I have, because it relates to the story. Growing up as an Italian, I learned to make home made wine at a very early age. Occasionally, I will make a five gallon jug of wine, since I still enjoy it so much.

One day, several years later, he came by my office, unannounced. At the time, I had a business partner. It was late on a Friday afternoon. To just relax, we opened a bottle of Taylor Port Wine. It’s not expensive wine, but it is very good wine for the money. When Mr. Know It All arrived, we offered him a glass of wine, which he accepted. I poured him a glass, and he saw that the bottle was specifically identified as Taylor Port Wine. As he took his first sip, I asked him, “How’s the wine?” His response was, “It’s OK.”

I then decided to have some fun with this guy. I told him, “That’s not Taylor Port Wine. Actually, it is the homemade wine I made about a year ago.” For the record, it really was Taylor Port Wine, because I went to the liquor store earlier in the day to purchase it. He took another sip, and then looked at me and said, “This wine ain’t worth a shit!”

I looked at my partner, and we were both laughing. Mr Know It All asked, “What are you laughing about?” My response was, “Forget it, You wouldn’t understand.”

The following Monday, he came back to the office. He came by many times because he had an Italian restaurant across the street. I decided to be honest with him, and tell him the truth. As I did, his reaction was even more ignorant. I said to him, “I have to confess, I did not make that wine we gave you Friday afternoon. I purchased it at the liquor store.” His reaction was, “You’re full of shit. I know you made that wine. I could tell by the taste. I tastes like something you’d make.” I then said, “Look, I swear on the lives of my wife and my two girls that I did not make that wine.” His reaction was even crazier. “If you did, they’ll be dead tomorrow.”

I looked at my partner. We were not laughing this time. I think the feeling was disbelief. My partner said to me, “Give it up. You’re fighting a losing battle.”

Don’t Try To Fight Ignorance, Because You Too Will Be Fighting A Losing Battle.

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