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12 College Courses That Are Too Good To Be True

I have often heard over the years, from very reliable sources, that many colleges and universities have courses in BS. This is most common in the school of business at many colleges. They not only teach the nature and mechanics of BS. They also teach students how to BS. The theory is, being able to […]

Five Gay Marriage Arguments

There are a few more things that can provoke an argument in gay marriages. Who will be the masculine figure? Who will be the feminine? If they want to raise a family, how can they do that? What will their first Valentine’s day be like? What if two gays decide to get a divorce, […]

What happens to Pope Benedict Now?

Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation almost three weeks ago make history. In our era, it marked the first time that a Pope has ever resigned. Naturally, it raised several questions. Here are some of the possible questions people might be asking:

Is he still “A Pope”, even though he is not “The Pope”? Will he still […]