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College Football Uniforms are Getting Utterly Ridiculous

college-football-uniformsI love College Football. It is filled with rivalries, tradition and history. It is the only sport I know of that can bring your whole world to an end for 365 days, until you meet your arch rival again.

What I don’t like about College Football is some of the bazaar uniforms worn by some of the teams. THEY SUCK !

I don’t want to make anyone mad at me, so I won’t mention any specific schools that are wearing these ridiculous uniforms. But this is getting out of hand. Some teams wear florescent shoes that glow in the dark. Some have mosaics embroidered into their pants and jerseys. And don’t forget about the collars on the jerseys. The latest gimmick is, helmets that you can use to shave, brush your teeth and comb your hair. This makes me wonder what these fashion designers (????) will come up with next year.

Will Gucci get into the athletic shoe market?

When will College Football teams start wearing sequen?

Will the stripes down the pants legs be made from rhinestones?

Will Michael Kors, or Dooney & Burke come up with a designer pouch to wear around the waist?

How about helmets with lights that blink on and off?

What about a jockstrap made from 100% silk?

What is really bazaar is, when a certain team that you may have seen play football many times in the past is scheduled to play on TV, you don’t know what they will look like until the game begins, and you see them on the field. In a twelve game schedule, some college teams will have twelve different uniforms.

It appears that many teams in College Football are still trying to establish an identity, after all these years. It’s no wonder why these teams cannot win a National Championship. They are more concerned with how they look, instead of how they play.

I am so glad that there are some teams that have not bought into this bazaar crap. Here is a list of the College Football teams that have held on to their proud traditions. And one of these teams, I am happy to say, is my favorite team:

This is why some of the teams above have won the most recent College Football National Championships. The seven teams above are your real College Football National Powers. They don’t have to wear ridiculous uniforms. They don’t need to establish an identity. They know who they are, what they are, and what they are capable of doing.

If you watch a video of the 1985 Iron Bowl, and then watch another video of the most recent Iron Bowl, there would only be two differences. First, in 1985, Alabama made the field goal at the end of the game. Second, the 1985 game was played in Birmingham. There is one thing that would not be different – the uniforms.

Have you ever seen a National Champion wear florescent shoes or mirrored helmets?

Now allow me to make one slight clarification. I did not include the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Florida State Seminoles and the Florida Gators. These are the remaining three College Football National Powers. However, some of their recent uniform changes have made me scratch my head. First, I was turned off earlier this season when Ohio State decided to wear some off -the-wall helmets. With Florida State, I have seen them wear red pants occasionally, and in my opinion, this is also off-the-wall. Now Florida is a different situation. Sometimes they wear blue pants, orange pants, white pants, blue jerseys or orange jerseys. In other words, you never know what they will look like until you see them on the field.

Even two small College Football teams, Georgia Southern and Slippery Rock still wear the same uniforms they have always worn.

I remember when Bill Curry was the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide during the late 80’s. Alabama was about to play Tennessee on the road, in their white uniforms. There was a rumor that they were going to wear red pants. As you may imaging, this caused a panic withing the Alabama good old boy network. Bill Curry, being the gentleman that he is, ended this rumor right away. Can you imagine Alabama wearing red pants? That would be disastrous. It would be worse than carving Made in Japan, into Michelangelo’s Pieta.

In 2007, Auburn played Vanderbilt at home, and decided to wear Throw Back uniforms to celebrate the fifty year anniversary of their 1957 National Championship. WHAT THROWBACK UNIFORMS ? Tommy Tuberville, the Auburn coach, was laughing the next day, because Auburn’s uniforms had not changed over the years. A year ago, before Auburn hired Gus Malzahn as the head coach, there was one particular coach in the running who did not get the job, THANK HEAVENS! If he had gotten the job, you may have seen Auburn in blue pants and orange jerseys, AND THIS WILL NEVER DO !

On this day in history, December 26, A Great Comedian Left Us

jack-bennyIt was on this day, December 26, 1974, that the entertainment world lost one of the greatest comedians of all times.

Jack Benny, who was portrayed as the miser and the cheapskate was anything but that. He was also the man who was 39 years of age, most of his life. Sources will say that he was 80 when he expired, but Mr. Benny would probably tell you that he was 39.

Many Sunday evenings, he brought joy to many people with “The Jack Benny Show”.  Mr, Benny, along with his co-stars, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Dennis Day and Don Wilson thrilled audiences from from 1950 to 1965.

Mr. Benny is not known as the funniest comedian of all time. However, it was his way of not being funny that made him one of the funniest and greatest comedians.

Many of his shows have not been preserved, and this is most unfortunate. The younger generation today will never have the opportunity to appreciate how great this man was.

Mr. Benny, along with George Burns and Milton Berle, were part of a completely different and elite class of comedians. We will never see comedians like these today. They are long gone, but definitely not forgotten.

Mr. Benny, after all these years, I still miss you. Thanks for all the great memories.

On This Day – Dec 12 – Our Right to Vote was Questioned

On this day in history, December 12, 2000

florida-recountThe U.S. Supreme Court put an end to the Presidential election Florida recount between George Bush and Al Gore.

Many American were asking themselves if they would ever vote again. Was the right to vote taken away during the weeks leading up to the Supreme Court’s decision? Maybe it was, maybe it was not. But ironically, the same thing happened in the State of Alabama Governor election two years later. While the apparent winner was celebrating his victory, the votes were still being tallied. Again, people went through a long time period wondering who won the election. Several days later, the other gentleman won the election.