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LOVE – What is the True Meaning? You Will Be Surprised.

Several months ago, I finally realized the true meaning of LOVE.

I not only know the real meaning of love. I put this into practice a lot. In fact, I do this much more that I would like to.


These are the two guys who have taught me the real meaning of love.

Love means cleaning up DOG DOO, and not bitching about it.

Are the Owners of Amys Baking Company the Crazy Ones? I Don’t Think So

amys-baking-companyOn the Fox network last night was the highly anticipated return of Amys Baking Company & Bistro. Like millions, I watched Kitchen Nightmares, which featured the return of Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, the fire-ball couple who Gordon Ramsey walked out on at the end of last season. Millions of people developed a hatred for the couple, and their restaurant. I was not one of them. But I have to admit that their restaurant certainly has its share of drama. After watching the show, I have to sympathize with Samy and Amy. This is a classic case of the following saying:

There are three sides to every story, YOUR SIDE, MY SIDE, and THE RIGHT SIDE.

Amy and Samy may not be totally right. They may not be totally wrong. But that Chef is not exactly Squeaky Clean.

Is “Hate” Campaign Against Amys Baking Company Justified?

Ever since Amys Baking Company was first introduced on  Kitchen Nightmares last season, the country has launched a National “Hate” campaign against Samy and Amy. Why, I ask? It’s no one’s damn business what they do. Most of the hate posts they have received are from people who have never met them, or have never been to Scottsdale, AZ. Who are those people to judge Samy and Amy Bouzaglo?”

Are Samy and Amy the bad guys here? Consider the famous Chef, Gordon Ramsey. This guy may be considered one of the world’s best celebrity chefs by many people. However, Gordon Ramsey is not the only renown chef out there. What about Robert Irvine, host of TV Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible? Mr. Irvine does basically the same thing as Mr. Ramsey. He goes out and tries to save restaurants that are in distress. The difference is, Robert Irvine does it in a tactful way. He knows how to talk to people without insulting them. I don’t think Mr. Irvine would say to an owner, “This dish looks like something that came out of a baby’s diaper”, or, “This tastes like s__t!”

amys-baking-companyGordon Ramsey may be considered by many to be the best at what he does. However, it’s my opinion that he is not entirely right in the way he does it. Amy and Samy proved this point. The man curses like a sailor boy, and he talks to people like they are dogs. Samy and Amy were not going to tolerate this, and I commend them for standing up to the Chef, and holding their positions. The best food network, which is the TV Food Network has never had Ramsey featured on any show. I have always wondered about this, until recently. Now, it all seems very clear. Apparently, they want nothing to do with him.

If this restaurant needs saving, which I doubt, I believe Robert Irvine could save it. He has a gentle, but firm way of dealing with people. He could probably communicate with Samy and Amy.

I don’t live near Scottsdale, AZ. If I did, I would have dinner at Amys Baking Company. So would all the hypocrite bloggers in the Country who have been posting disgusting material about the restaurant. In fact, I think I would enjoy the food there. Some restaurants are better than others. I can’t ever remember eating at a restaurant where the food was totally bad. If this were the case, the local health department would probably order the restaurant to close down. I find it hard to believe the food at Amy’s is as bad a people say it is. Remember, the people who are evaluating the restaurant are prejudice.

If I could speak to Samy and Amy, this is what i would say to them:

“Guys, you are sitting on a gold mine. You are getting millions of dollars in free publicity. Your restaurant is the most famous restaurant in the country. Everyone wants to eat there. Take advantage of it. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!”