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Cuba Relations Restored after 50 years? Wonderful

president-obamaI dreamed of this for many years, and now it is about to become a reality. I can hardly believe it.

Does this mean we will be able to get Cuban Cigars again?

What are the Major League Baseball Owners thinking? Will the Yankees sign a Cuban power hitter who is not a defector?

Forget Fidel Castro, and the evil Communism that penetrated his blood. Cube was once a great place, and will be once again – Finally.

President Obama has something no other President had

What is it that President Obama has. The nice word for it is, testicles. The more common term is, balls. I have always wanted the Country to have a President with balls. I never thought it would be Obama, but the sudden change of heart is very encouraging and most welcomed.

There are many people who have never liked President Obama since his election. This may have won them over, myself included.

The Obama Administration – Deja Vu

When President Clinton was first elected, I didn’t like him either. But, the longer he was in office, the more I began to like him. But this was for different reasons. When Clinton’s sexual scandals were in the media, this made me realize that our President was an ordinary, OK guy. When he left office, I liked him more than any president before him. One of my ambitions once was to sit down with Clinton, and have a couple of beers with him. This would be an experience to remember. I’m suddenly starting to think that this would be the same with Obama.

I can’t speak for other Americans, but President Obama has won me over. I was hoping for years that a U S President would make peace with Cuba, but never thought it was possible. The reason was always the same – Former Presidents either didn’t have the guts, or, just didn’t want to fool with the situation. Of course, there is another reason. Perhaps former U S Presidents were afraid of dealing with this, thinking that the Ghost of JFK would haunt them. But JFK is ancient history. He started this crap. Obama has the guts to end it, once and for all. And for all the Kennedy lovers out there, get over it. Your beloved President Kennedy was not exactly the role model you think he was.

Cuba – Once a Great Place

Most of the people today were not around to remember Cuba in the 50’s, and there are only a few remaining who do remember. Cuba was a great place before the evil of Communism took over. And let me clarify something. I like the old Cuba, but I am not an advocate of Communism.

It was a resort and pleasure place, where people could go, relax, gamble, and just forget everything. I always hoped that a President would make the peace. I’d love to see Cuba the way it used to be. If the old Cuba comes back, I would be one of the first to go there for a vacation. It’s nice to know that I would be able to return home.

All I can say, Mr.President is, “Well Done”.


Kathie Lee Gifford – The center of attention

kathy-lee-giffordKathy Lee Gifford was in rare form yesterday. On NBC’s Today, she alleged that Bill Cosby tried to kiss her during their comedy tour in the 70s.

So What!

Kathy Lee is a pretty woman. I wouldn’t mind kissing her myself. All The Cos did was try to kiss her, if she was telling the truth. He didn’t try to rape her. But, as usual, she wanted to be the center of attention by making a bid deal of the situation. She had nothing but good things to say about the comedian. Frankly, I don’t think trying to kiss her was so bad. She seemed to be happy about it. But what if she made it up? If so, she may be trying to save face.

The lady is too dramatic. This leads many to believe that if The Cos had not tried to kiss her, she would have really been pissed. Imagine the blow this would have been to her female ego.

This makes you wonder if many of the psychotic women who have lowered the boom on Bill Cosby in recent weeks were nothing more than just sour grapes.

The allegations about The Cos are getting out of hand. Sure, I think he loves women. But a lot of men love women, and they are not labeled as sex offenders.

Lay off The Cos. He has brought so much joy to so many people. As for the people out there who are judging the man harshly, let me ask you a question:

Would it make you feel any better if The Cos tried to kiss Frank Gifford?


The Interview – Sony Hackers bluffing and F O S

the-interviewLast evening, I watched the trailer for The Interview. The movie looks like it is hilarious. I’d like to see it, but not on Christmas day. I’ll be too busy enjoying some delicious food.

Many people share the same sentiments – they want to see the movie for the same reason. But many people fear that it could lead to the beginning of World War III. Let me put your mind at ease right now.

The terrorist group that is allegedly receiving the credit for the threats is North Korea. This eliminates them from the mix right away. No terrorist group will reveal what they are going to do. If so, the proper authorities will be there ready for them, and squash them like a bug.

Tell someone you are going to attack before you do it? – NO WAY! This is not the terrorist style. They like to do it in a sneaky, underhanded way. In other words, terrorists are Chicken Shit.

The first two World Wars were fought by men of courage. This also rules the terrorists out. They have as much will to fight a World War as a bear taking a dump on the toilet.

So, you can put your mind at ease. There will be no terrorist attack, and there will be no World War III. Oh, there may be another terrorist attack some day, and eventually World War III, but it is not going to be about The Interview.

I’ll probably watch the movie eventually, but I prefer to wait until it is released on DVD. I hope the DVD case will not be laced with Anthrax.

Dallas Cowboys & Tony Roma – No pink stuff

When I say pink stuff, I’m referring to an expletive, aka, the P Word. This is what keeps a man from doing what he has to do. It is accurate to say that this expletive kept Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys from winning the super bowl eight years ago.

There’s no Jessica Simpson. His chances are much better than in the past.

Tony Romo couldn’t even handle a snap from center on a winning field goal attempt in the first round of the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks in January, 2007. Was this Jessica’s fault. I’m not putting the blame on her. However, if I were the holder, and a beautiful, sexy woman was sitting in a stadium suite wearing my jersey, with pink numbers, I probably would have fumbled the snap too.

This was one of the funniest things that has ever happened in sports. The only person who was not laughing about it was Jerry Jones.

Like many people, I would like to see Tony Romo win at least one championship. He has his chance this year. If he does not do it, he never will.

There’s no Jessica Simpson to mess him up. Those pink numbers, and that pink stuff prevented him from doing it in the past.



Millions March NYC – Are they all racists?


They probably are not all racists.

Most of them could care less about racism. Just like the many of the rioters in Ferguson, MO, many are looking for an opportunity to grab those last minute Christmas gifts. “If you see something you want, just loot, and grab it.” This seems to be the attitude for most of these people. To them, this is like a Black Friday, Cyber Monday and After Christmas sale all rolled into one. The only difference is,

These are not LOW PRICES.

These are NO PRICES.

Johnny Manziel, it’s a whole new game now

johnny-manzielCome on, Johnny Manziel. You didn’t think you were going to just put on that Browns uniform and make a difference right away, or did you?

At Texas A&M, you played every week against ten good players and one great player. Now, you are playing against eleven great football players every week. Don’t try to be a difference maker like you were in college, because the pros will sniff you out like a hunting dog.

You’re not playing against Vanderbilt, Mississippi State or Arkansas anymore. Even as great as Nick Saban’s defenses are, you’re not even playing against him. These guys are pros – the best at what they do.

Be patient, Kid. Remember, you jumped your senior year to turn pro. By all rights, you shouldn’t even be there yet. But you are, so approach it with the right attitude. If you do, you’re day is coming. Keep your head screwed on right.

You certainly didn’t expect to be a superstar pro quarterback your first year. The only guy who did this was Joe Namath. That was a different era, and you are no Joe Namath.

Oregon’s Uniforms look better, but still like clown suits

oregon-arizonaI am watching a little of the Pac 12 Championship game between the Arizona Wildcats and the Oregon Ducks.

I have to admit, Oregon’s uniforms look better than some they have worn in the past, but they still look like SH__!

During the pregame show, some of the Oregon players were asked what it takes to be a champion. My question to the person who asked the question is, “How would they know?” They had their chance to win a championship four years ago, but they ran into a major stumbling block – the Auburn Tigers. Their chances for this year don’t appear much better. They will have another stumbling block – Nick Saban.

Ferguson, MO has changed Black Friday sales

ferguson-moIt’s ironic that the tragedy in Ferguson, MO occurred just before Thanksgiving. Even more dramatic is that the Eric Gardner decision was made right after Thanksgiving.

Well, it looks like the protestors of the Michael Brown decision took advantage of the Black Friday sales, literally. Now it appears that the protestors in New York will capitalize on the Cyber week sales. I’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but this is a little ridiculous.

Like Father, Like Son? Ask UAB

bear-bryantThe Alabama Crimson Tide may be champions on the field. But off the field, there is more going on than meets the eye.

When Dr. Ray Watts, UAB’s president, made the announcement to drop UAB football, I tried to read the expression on his face, and in his eyes. I could tell that he probably made this announcement under duress. Many people, myself included, have a pretty good idea where the threats originated.

Legendary Alabama coach, Bear Bryant was a winner on the field. Off the field, he was like the business man who is afraid of competition. Years ago, Alabama played many of their home games in Birmingham. There are stories that he threatened to pull out of Birmingham if they landed a pro football team.

Is his son like him? Maybe not on the field. In my opinion, he doesn’t know the difference between a football and a testicle. But many are speculating that this character, who calls all the shots at the University of Alabama, wanted UAB out. In fact, Alabama would probably get rid of Auburn, Samford and Troy if they could.

Alabama has no reason to be afraid of UAB, but do have reason to be afraid of Auburn. They may have won the Iron Bowl this year, but you can bet that at least every other year, the Tigers will kick their ass.