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The best way to get revenge on someone

If people have done something terrible to you, the first thing you think about doing is getting even with them.

Is this the right thing to do? NO! Why? Because it’s what they expect you to do. That’s what they want you to do. Do this, and you’ll never be able to get these people […]

Do e-cigarettes cause lung cancer? Regular cigarettes didn’t ????

Portland, Maine became the 275th city to ban e-cigarettes from public places. Many people around the country are furious about this. One man came all the way from Boston to attend the meeting. People are convinced that e-cigarettes are good for you. DEJA VU.

Take a good look at the pictures. This is what […]

Two ways to prevent having to go to prison


If you are involved in a crime, it can be one of two ways. The first is, you committed the crime yourself. If this is the case, and they have the goods on you, no doubt about it, YOU’RE SCREWED.

Second, you may know of someone who has committed the crime. If the […]

It’s better to be a SNITCH than a FOOL

I received another email from a reader from Homewood, Alabama.

This guy was pissed, but not at me. He was pissed at his former business partner. The guy’s name is Joe, and his partner was Mike. The two were in the business of providing financial services.

About nine years ago, Mike stole some money from […]

Ugly woman raises HELL with Wal-Mart employee

I received an email from a visitor to this site, and he wanted me to share this story with you.

Recently, he got a job as a Wal-Mart employee. His second day on the joy, this real ugly woman with two boys came into the store. Being friendly and courteous, the Wal-Mart employee tried to […]

Two unique little fellows, one a nephew, the other his uncle

Watch this video to the end because it is very funny. See if you can tell which is which.

This is an amazing story, and something that you will only see once in a lifetime. […]

Want to get your house cleaned for free?

It’s simple. Do a little checking, and find as many people in your local area who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as you possibly can. Contact each person and tell them you are starting a group sharing session at your house for all those who suffer from OCD. Make it clear that anyone is […]

Ask a Question – A Simple Task – But Many People Screw it Up

Asking a Question

This should be a simple thing to do. You ask someone something, and then, you stop talking, and let them answer.

If this is so simple, then why do so many people in the media mess it up? The next time you see an interview on TV, watch closely. The interviewer will […]

St. Peter’s advice for lovely ladies who seduce priests

After mass, about a week ago, there were two priests talking to the members of the congregation. One was around the age of 28, and the other was close to 70.

The younger priest was talking to a beautiful woman. I mean, this lady was a real looker. Sexy, beautiful, seductive – She had it […]

Calm down. I’ll get you through. On the count of 3, JUMP!

I was having a beer with a friend last night, and we decided to go back in time, and talk about the old Army days. I couldn’t resist telling him a story about something that happened one day.

Paratroopers can’t count to 3

I was in the paratroops. I remember jump day like it was […]

Q & A – Did you have sex with my wife?

Questions and Answers

A guy came to visit me a few days ago. I could tell by the look on his face that he was a little upset about something. The first thing he said was, “I have some questions to ask you, and I want some answers.”

In a friendly manner, I said to […]

If Hillary is elected President, would Bill be . . .???



When Bill Clinton was president, everyone knows what Hillary’s title was.

Now, Hillary Clinton is running for President. Suppose she’s elected. What will this mean for Bill.

Will Bill Clinton be known as the FIRST MAN?


True story about gay butcher – This is hilarious

The other day, I needed some freshly cut rib eye steaks. I went to the grocery store where I always buy my steaks, and told the butcher what I wanted. Incidentally, the butcher is gay. I like the way he cuts rib eye’s, and that’s all, if you know what I mean. I could care […]